Madden 18: Game’s Expectation On Quarterback

Madden NFL is a game which can help everyone realize their dreams. In Madden NFL, you can become the general manager of your favorite team and pick active and legendary NFL star for your team, while playing live game whenever and wherever possible, face to face challenge or go all the way into the American National Football League Championship game. Players will be in the “16 games season” model to compete for the Super Bow. you will keep passion of the game and dominate the offensive, so that your favorite players will run according to your command, or controlling quarterback, Bring your team to the National Football League Championship of the year. Each series of Madden game has been beloved by thousands of players all the year because of its unique features. it turns out that there is no difference for Madden 17. And now, Madden 18 is coming soon and here are the expectations about quarterbacks from gamers.

Take a look at these different highlights of a group of quarterbacks in the league and notice all of the different drop backs, throwing motions, and, especially, pocket movements.

Madden 18

First we have Aaron Rodgers:
Supreme arm talent and a wicked quick release. Drop back is facing forward with a simple back pedal, rather than your typical, “turn to the side” and cross drop back. Also the throwing motion on the run and how the ball snaps out quick and precise. I feel all of these types of throwing motions can be duplicated in Motion-Capture.

Tom Brady:
West Coast offense where Brady is in the gun most of the game. Brady has a quick drop where he crosses once, and usually by then he has he ball out of his hands quickly. With this motion I think it’s important because it’s a release that is “tight to the body” meaning his arms aren’t flailing everywhere or swinging out, his left arm stays tight and his throwing arm doesn’t waste any extra movement. As seen in this video clip:

Ben Roethlisberger:
With this release, Ben has more of a torque in his throw with his body, than Brady, with a similar motion, but a little slower than Brady. His left hand stays tight to his body. Throwing on the run is Big Bens go-to, so simulating his throwing motion on the run, and also the different release timing, I think you could create a very authentic Ben Roethlisberger throwing motion…

Jameis Winston:
Jameis Winston has a release that looks slow, but the throw usually gets to his target on time. His release has a very slight wind up that isn’t a problem, but it’s just his style. This throwing motion can be duplicated well in Motion-Capture. His drop back is very precise. Most young QB’s will have super crisp drop backs because it’s how they’ve been taught. As they get older and more comfortable, they will find a style and rhythm that fits them best, while keeping good mechanics.

Drew Brees:
Brees has a quick release that fits being a shorter quarterback. A precise drop back that stays consistent, and is just a quick snap to his WR. Nothing special about it, but it’s crisp and obviously, very efficient.

As I’ve stated before, I know Madden has some signature motions implemented in the game, but I think this game would take another huge step towards the most authentic sports game on the market, by taking these tips, and this wishlist and putting it into action. I personally thank you for taking the time to read my post.

EA Sports: I’m a 20 year old kid who plays football currently and would love and appreciate it if you considered me to come out to your Madden MO-Cap HQ’s and perform signature motions along with other athletes of your choice. As far as contacting me, I would like to keep my personal info off the internet, but you can message me in my EA Sports account inbox, and I will give you my personal contact info.

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