We’ll show you how you can play MLB The Show 21 with a buddy

MLB The Show 21 has came just in time to bring some of America’s pastime to the newest console generation. This is a game with a lot of features that gamers want the most, such as cross-play and cross-progression. That being said, with all of these fancy features, sometimes it’s hard to play a friend in MLB The Show 21. If you’re struggling with the various menus, then we’ll show you how you can play a game with a buddy.

Before getting into the methods for playing against friends, it is worth taking a moment to detail how to enable cross-play in MLB The Show 21. To put things simply, players should select the profile icon at the top-right corner of the main menu and then navigate to the “My Profile” tab. To the right of the player icon that is situated in the center of this menu, fans will see an option that allows them to turn on cross-play, and that makes it possible to play against friends across platforms.

How to Play a Friend in MLB The Show 21
In order to play a friend in MLB The Show 21, you’ll need to go to the main menu and check out some of the mods. The Exhibition match requires you to go to your profile (top left), search through your friends (left of your icon), and invite someone to an exhibition. You can play friends with your personal team in Diamond Dynasty by opening it up and selecting “Play vs. Friends” in the Online Modes section.

You can alter and tweak your settings there, according to the type of match you want to have. As for playing other game modes, you will have to be in the menu of a particular mode, and then follow the exact same steps given above. Players which are the host, or in other words, sending out the invitation, will be the Home team.

By playing an exhibition match, you’ll simply play a game with a specific friend. Right now, there is no other way to open up a lobby through a traditional menu and invite your friends. You have to use the friend’s list. This is probably to support the game’s cross-platform functionality, so we’ll just have to make do for now.

Alternatively, fans can challenge their friends through Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21, and that can be done through its “Online Modes.” More specifically, there is an option to “Play Vs Friends” within Diamond Dynasty, and players will be able to invite a friend to a match upon selecting it. Notably, the results of a game played in this way do not affect a fan’s Diamond Dynasty stats, and that is thus not something that needs to be of concern.

MLB The Show 21 brings the sport of baseball to the newest console generation. Check it out on Xbox or Playstation; you’ll be able to cross-play either way!

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