NBA 2k18 My Career Mode

My Career mode is one of the most desired and loved features of the NBA video games. It allows gamers to personalize their teams and advance to levels and tournaments that will have them in front of their TVs for hours at a time. It is probably the reason why people like to buy the video game and as you get to choose your favorite, you feel like you’re an actual part of the team. The recent game that was released still lacks when it comes to this mode, which is why we have an NBA 2k18 My Career mode wishlist. We hope that the developers will read this list and try to implement some of the features we have listed.

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This feature would allow gamers to draw up their own character. When we choose someone for NBA 2k18 My Career, we hope that the character is the sort that somehow reflects us or how we would like to be if we were playing in the arena. When we have archetypes, we will be able to insert talents into our character after choosing the one we like.

This will make him different from the other players as we will have the ability to separate the rating of his talents. It will also give each player an edge over one other which we can discover over time, making the game all the more interesting.

We know that every player present in the video game comes with a list of attributes. The only problem is that we are not able to change these attributes when we log on to play. It will be great if we can change their attributes while playing, allowing the character to function and perform better.

This will give us the ability to slash the opponent as they will never be able to predict what is coming towards them. Even simple aspects like increasing their strength and acceleration can play a huge role in their performance. The developers can start simple and improve on it in the future.

We all need an intimidator in our game as it will be highly advantageous. This person will almost act as our wingman. All he will have to do is distract the player on his way to the basket, which will make him lose some of his ability to play. We will be able to play better against such a player as the stats will be in our favor. It will also come in handy as it will increase the foul tendency against our player.

One of the best players on the field, the shooters is there to make the game more amusing. When they are hot, they will be shooting like you have never seen before. On the other hand, when cooled, they will not be able to get picked up again. As time goes by, they will become more experienced in the game, increasing the level of their performance.

The main aspect that this player will focus on is his shooting. He will do his best and relentlessly attack the basket as much as possible. The nature of such a player will be vicious, and he will only focus on the basket; nothing else will stand in his way. The player here needs to be heavier as he will be able to take a better shot, while the other will not be able to do so as he will end up making more fouls than shots.

This talent needs to be accentuated in the other arenas as well and for that, the players need the ability to make the hardest of shots with their potential.

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