Runescape game follows the now familiar free-to-play model

The Runescape game follows the buy rs gold now familiar free-to-play model, allowing you to buy packs for real money and with currency earned through normal play. A few years ago, the island mysteriously vanished and Myrtle from the Wizards’ Tower is keen to find out why. In Beneath Cursed Tides, you’ll be searching for survivors and working with Vannaka, journeying to the bottom of the sea to investigate the islands[sic] watery fate.

It’s just two weeks until we officially throw open the doors to Chronicle’s Hall of Legends on 26th May, and its launch on Steam is only the beginning for what we have planned. We’ve already introduced brand new cards every week, increased rewards, balancing improvements, and there’s even more content planned for the months to come,” said James Sweatman, lead designer on Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. A dark tale awaits. Expect a journey full of teary nostalgia and classic humour.

There are also cosmetic items, like card backs, available to purchase. RuneScape Legends is now available on Steam for PC, bringing with it a new action-packed generation of online strategy card games. A Runescape unique twist on the genre, Chronicle is coming to the CCG party a little late and a superficial look might make potential players dismiss it as another Hearthstone wannabe. To be fair, though, RuneScape was a player in the MMO years before Blizzard arrived on the scene.

Delving into it a little deeper reveals some intriguing hooks at least in term of mechanics and game play. At this early stage, and minus the single player experience, the lore and characters — or the cards themselves — don’t seem hugely distinctive from those of a half dozen other fantasy card games despite their storied lineage. Despite these reservations, Chronicle‘s deviations from the CCG norm and its ties to RuneScape might give it some real traction when finally released.

Runescape Chronicle combines tactical PvE with strategic PvP gameplay, to see players fighting against their own cards as well as their opponents, and crafting adventures in a quest for supremacy over their rivals. Having spent the last six months in beta, Chronicle’s full Steam launch brings with it new ranked sessions. The Runescape game features a unique way to play, where you must fight monsters that you place yourself on the board from your deck. There are five different heroes, called Legends, to choose from, and in the next few months, a new Legend will be introduced named Morvran.

At this stage of development, the single player campaign is not yet in place. There are practice matches against generally capable AI, online matches against other humans, and not all of the Legends or hundreds of different cards are yet available. The developers are making daily changes in crafting — players collect tokens during matches that allow them to craft special Legend-specific cards — the size of decks, and balancing, rs 07 gold not to mention minor tweaks in the interface or the way cards are manipulated.

As the sequence of cards turn – one-by-one – the quest unfolds, with each card bringing a new challenge or reward. The rival Runescape Legend’s chain of cards plays out in parallel and can help or, more likely, hinder the player. If both players make it to the end of the fifth chapter, the Legends do battle against each other, with the victor being the last person standing. The Runescape game has over 400 cards and multiple modes, including both a casual and ranked season mode, meaning you can play the game as competitively as you like.