The launch of WoW Classic increased subscription revenue by 223%

WOW Classic Power Leveling According to the information collected by Superdata thanks to the launch of WoW Classic subscription earnings in the World of Warcraft increased by 223% between July and August. Such an increase led the WoW to the top 3 of the games with the highest earnings in August being only surpassed by Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends

According to information from Superdata also even considering the good news for Blizzard this increase in earnings does not exceed that obtained during the launch of Battle for Azeroth in August 2018.
Recall that WoW Classic premiered on August 27 of this year and to be able to play it you only buy WOW Classic Boosting need to have a WoW subscription with which you can play the latest expansion and to recreate the original game in question.

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