FIFA 16 stands as a high water mark for soccer games

It’s been a long time coming, but EA has finally released its latest soccer game, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, to the Google Play Store. First announced a few months ago, the new title aims to bring a console-like experience to mobile devices. In the game, you’ll be able to build and manage your own team with the players you want. You can choose from over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Once your team is built, you can play against the best FIFA soccer teams in quick matches and tournaments. You’ll even be able to recreate challenges from current live-event soccer matches with a feature called Dynamic Accomplishments.

Despite that, all of your first actions in the game must be thought out and with caution. Buying managers must be done the cleverest possible way. Always choose the cheapest and for example check to see if there aren’t three bronze managers cheaper than a golden one. The only thing that is important is hitting that 50% bonus at the cheapest possible price. So later, when building your team to beneficiate the chemistry that you’ll have to concern over buying a manager that has a nationality or a league best fitted amongst the players you want. Most of these cards are more expensive in the beginning and you should weight if you should wait a few more until their prices drop or not. As reference, the 50% of bonus can be reached with an investment of 12,000 coins, which will save you 40 coins per game.

So this morning I fired up my PS4 and downloaded the demo, not really excited in the slightest. Fast forward to now, 11:12am, and I’m delighted to say that my love for FIFA may well be back. Yes! Handballs are back. I’m very happy about this! I’m also happy to say that after 10 matches I only had 3/4 handballs given, which is a dramatic change from previous games where there would be a handball every 5 minutes. Running through one-on-one with the goalkeeper should favour the striker, but it shouldn’t mean that his task is complete. Burst away from the defence meant an instant goal as a tapped finesse shot would be enough to trickle the ball beneath the keeper and in. It was a broken system. But so far, keepers feel sturdy and won’t just rush to the side when they come to smother a goalscoring opportunity.

Previous games have been all about pace, but defences have been boosted up to become more physical, bulkier units to compensate. Speed alone won’t dominate the game. It gives fans their first taste of the new gameplay innovations, and sights and sounds of FIFA 16 Coins before the game hits shop shelves on 24 September in the UK. The download becomes available on the console when users register an account in one of those countries where it’s already available. Also available in the demo version are two women’s teams: from Germany and the United States. For game venues, players will be able to try out Borussia-Park, the CenturyLink Field and Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu.

buy FIFA 16 Coins, you will see small overlays over the heads of players. The purpose is to remind and/or inform gamers how to perform basic-to-advanced functions, such as performing through balls and crosses or finesse shots. Advanced users can turn off the overlays if they desire. The aforementioned Story of the Season feature augments this aspect of the game, but there’s more. There’s now a new Bundesliga broadcast package to mirror the look of presentations of the real-life German league. FIFA 16 stands as a high water mark for soccer games, and sports games as a genre. Its nicely balanced gameplay and innovative feature implementations reaffirm the franchise as an industry standard, and soccer fans everywhere are going to love it. Arguing about FUT draft or playing head to head online, this year is a great time to get the FIFA franchise or rediscover a forgotten friend. Put simply, there’s never been a better time to pick up the beautiful game.