Roblox: Multiplayer game overshadows Minecraft

robux cheap The now 13-year-old multiplayer Roblox game was able to outdo even the popular Minecraft recently – at least partially. Because as the developers have recently announced Roblox is breaking the mark of 100 million monthly active users.

The Sandbox.Game Minecraft is known to continue to be extremely popular. Not only is there now more than 176 million copies sold worldwide but also 91 million monthly active users. But there is actually a game that can outshine this considerable number.

It is about the multiplayer title Roblox which came on the market in 2006 and also enjoys a large as well as lively fanbase. As the responsible developers recently announced Roblox has recently cracked the mark of 100 million monthly active users – significantly more than Minecraft. In addition there are some other interesting statistics: According to this 40 percent of the active players are female half of all users updated the ingame avatar at least once a month. However robux for sale there is currently no information on the previously sold copies of Roblox.

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