SAIT and FIFA 18, NHL 18 tournament

On Tuesday Oct. 10 SAIT recreation paired up with Microsoft to put on the first electronic-gaming tournament of the 2017-2018 school year.

“We are very fortunate to have had Microsoft,” said Jared Hidber recreation programmer.

Microsoft will be sponsoring all of SAIT’s E-gaming tournaments during the school year.

The event consisted of two tournaments played at the same time. One tournament was centred around NHL 18 the other was FIFA 18 both of which were new game releases.

Free play went from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and the single round knock-out tournament started at 6:30 p.m. and continued until 10 p.m.

The FIFA 18 tournament was single game elimination and the winner received a $20 giftcard courtesy of Microsoft.

The tournament started with five teams. The final match up was SAIT petroleum engineering student Txabi Sumastre versus Jeremiah Lajide with Sumastre coming out on top winning the match 3–1.

Sumastre who owns FIFA 18 said he enjoys gaming on the weekends with his friends often playing as Manchester United Football Club.

“I usually play as United because they are the team I support,” said Sumastre.

The NHL 18 tournament was larger as they had six teams participating. The format for the tournament was double-elimination with a winners and a losers bracket.
If a player was to lose at any point in the tournament they would move down to the losers bracket and would still be able to earn a chance to play in the final.

The winner of the losers bracket was Matt Brind’Amour who moved on to the finals and played against Geoff Crisfield a business administration student and forward on the Trojan’s men’s hockey team in the championship.

Crisfield went on to win the NHL 18 tournament with a final score of 2 – 1. Brind’Amour gave a third period push to tie the game but ultimately came up short.

Christina Kang who is the community development specialist at Microsoft in Chinook Mall said they do many E-gaming tournaments in Chinook mall.

For SAIT students who are into gaming and missed out on this tournament there will be more opportunities.

On Tuesday Nov. 7 there is a Counterstrike team tournament from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at The Gateway. On Tuesday Feb. 6 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. a Call of Duty and League of Legends team tournaments will be held at The Gateway. All team tournaments will have a team registration fee of $25.

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Messier won the sixty NHL goal on October 23

1998: Mark Messier scores his 600th NHL goal during the Vancouver Canucks’ 5-0 win at the Florida Panthers. The milestone goal comes at 12:58 of the third period when he one-times a pass from Alexander Mogilny past goaltender Kirk McLean.

Messier’s teammates stream off the bench to congratulate their captain. The crowd of 18,070 warmly applauds Messier after he becomes the 10th NHL player to reach 600 goals and the fourth to have 600 goals and 900 career assists.

Messier a member of six Stanley Cup-winning teams downplays his own accomplishment saying “Individual success comes from winning as a team. That’s the bottom line.

“I always put the team ahead of any individual goals. I didn’t want the guys to think I was pressing for 600.”

1966: Rookie defenseman Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins scores his first NHL goal. Orr’s 50-foot slap shot beats Montreal Canadiens goaltender Gump Worsley at 4:13 of the third period to tie the game but Boston loses 3-2 on a goal by defenseman Jean-Guy Talbot with 2:05 remaining.

1971: Five years to the day that Orr gets his first NHL goal Guy Lafleur does the same. He scores at 18:52 of the second period against Gary Edwards and is credited with the game-winner in Montreal’s 3-1 victory against the Los Angeles Kings at the Forum in Inglewood California.
1974: Washington Capitals goaltender Michel Belhumeur faces two penalty shots and makes saves against Chicago’s Jim Pappin and Stan Mikita. Despite Belhumeur’s heroics the Capitals lose 3-2 at Chicago Stadium.

1983: Philadelphia Flyers rookie Rich Sutter scores a goal making the Sutters the first family in NHL history to have six brothers score goals. It comes at 13:29 of the third period of an 8-5 win against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Spectrum.

Exactly 25 years later nephew Brandon Sutter scores his first NHL goal for the Carolina Hurricanes in a 4-1 road loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

1993: Toronto sets an NHL record for most victories from the start of season by winning its ninth consecutive game 2-0 at the Tampa Bay Lightning. Mark Osborne scores twice for the Maple Leafs and goaltender Felix Potvin makes 25 saves for the shutout.

2014: Darcy Kuemper earns his third shutout in four games when the Minnesota Wild defeat the Arizona Coyotes 2-0. Kuemper becomes the second goaltender since 1943-44 (when the red line is introduced) to have three shutouts in his first four games of the season joining Pascal Leclaire of the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2007-08.

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NHL 18′ Patch Notes, Massive Content Update Upgrades Several Areas Of The Game

EA Sports delivered another solid entry with NHL 18 earlier this month, but the development team has already released its first content update and it will enhance almost every aspect of the game.
There are a ton of gameplay improvements to traditional play and NHL Threes. There’s also improved levels of customization for franchise mode and deeper presentation concepts. Take a look at this gigantic list of changes in NHL 18, per the game’s official site.


Added option for Champions League Aggregate Scoring
Improved faceoff formations during 3 on 3 play.


Added updates to prevent players from moving before they were visible on screen after play resumes from a stoppage in NHL THREES
Added ability to change team strategies in NHL THREES gameplay
Updates to faceoff camera timing in NHL THREES

Puck Physics
Updates to improve stick on puck collisions during poke checks
More accurate stick on puck physics volume collisions during Defensive Skill Stick.

Offensive and Defensive AI

Improved AI puck carriers in 1-on-0 situations during play and in shootouts
Updates to Defensive AI decision making so that they stay with their check more consistently
Updates for AI teammates that would skate into shooting lanes instead of standing in better positions to deflect the shot or get the rebound instead.
Updates to AI shooting logic during penalty shots.
Logic updates for AI goalie pull situations.
Improved shot logic for the AI
Improved positioning for offensive AI players away from the puck so that they take their stick position/handedness into account more and position themselves and adjust their facing better based on their intention.
Added improvements for AI skaters that would switch to skating backwards during breakouts.

Coaching Feedback/On Ice Trainer

Added new videos and Training to Hockey Canada Training Camp
Support added for button dekes in coaching feedback and Hockey Canada Training Camp


Added the ability to blend back into skating faster out of deking
Various shot animation improvements
Added improvements to skaters that were missing the puck too often if they were directed to perform a shot without picking up the puck first (one timers and shots from loose pucks).


Updates to improve animation blend issues out of shot blocks.
Improvements added for players doing a board pinch when the puck position didn’t make sense for it.
Blending improvements when transitioning into defensive skill stick.
Updates to allow the Defensive Skill Stick state to override hit intent if the hit hasn’t started to be thrown yet. This allows players to be on and off RB/R1 without letting go of the right stick.
Updates to improve an issue where the Defensive Skill Stick state caused user skaters to lose pickup functionality
Added in variance of error to the new poke check system based on player control, direction from the players facing and relative speed of the puck. This means that a player is most accurate when skating in a controlled manner and poking a still puck in front of themselves and least accurate when poking against their momentum behind themselves at a fast-moving puck. Each of these factors are also tied to the player’s attribute ratings.
Improved hip check controls to prevent clashes
Poke check animation assets improved for increased poke checking accuracy before any error is added.
Added reaction delay based on a player’s awareness after a puck is deflected off a stick/body as players were reacting too quickly to defensive deflections.

Hockey Canada Training Camp

Improved end of game flow to allow users to pick next training item.
Added the option to select training item from pause.
Added the ability to play videos from Training Camp pause screen


Added an auto-fill option in Edit Lines. This option will allow a user to automatically replace all the players in their lineup based on player overall and position.
The end of round Competitive Seasons reward screen will now show in the HUT HUB rather than the user needing to enter the season to claim their rewards.
Removed the 1-minute grace period for offline and online games. Game will now count right at puck drop.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a larger update in any sports video game. This goes beyond the normal tweaks and gameplay stabilization that we usually see in patches and updates. It’s refreshing to see such a widespread update designed to make an already solid game even better.

Four Changes Can Make A New Look For NHL 18

EA Sports NHL franchise finally has his own video games to the next level. Since the NHL 17 is approaching mid-life I’ve been playing, one thing is very clear: They are working to make the best game possible. Although the developers of the NHL can not do things efficiently all the time, and uploads this year, the fresh air.

NHL 18

Although the current version is better than NHL 16, and has many features that have been added to the next version. If these increases appeared in NHL 18, and it is one of the best video games in the NHL yet.

The redesigned CDI put Champions Project

Champions project was the largest addition to NHL 17. In this mode, you can format a team of the best players in the world and online play to win the project farms. These collectibles can be opened to large players are in general use in the regular season ice hockey team in the end. Although the situation has been well received, it has not been updated during the Champions of the project in the first four months during the game. This is not only a great waste of time and disappointment, but the great hope of NHL fans everywhere.

NHL 18, the fans are always looking for updates. FIFA and Madden, updated media project Champions and constantly coming up with new cards out of the hut. This helps to know the players who want to use to build the team’s final game of the ice hockey. As long as the Champions renovation project on a weekly basis will be a home run.

On upgrades, Project Champions need to page competitiveness. Developers need to add EA NHL along with the pay to play to help pay for the situation. Madden was recently “Madden Bowl” is a $ 250,000 project Champions tournament, which got a lot of attention. If the NHL can increase the period ranked the Champions project, which requires money to come, and that could be the first step in a big way to the arena of electronic gaming.

Remove Desyncing, tires, smooth out

If you were not particularly familiar with the NHL series, desyncing and workshops are the main problems playing at the moment. Desyncing and workshops, as well as the main error of the citizens in this game, that comes after the play and the overwhelming contribution to the game. If someone desyncs the game, it can be hours until you get back online to play NHL 17. It is very frustrating to play the whole game just to get thrown out of the EA servers because of fault mechanics.

Start-up is the biggest problem in video games. Connections to a peer-to-peer networking, IP addresses are retrieved easily by anyone with some programs. NHL 17, the opponent can start now and leave you with a loss and the Internet problems. Although this figure is not too spread in the NHL, they can be easily avoided. If the developers of EA NHL servers can use the Games, there will be no fear of exposure now start again.

Mace improve pickup, switch player

The only one of the frustrating things about the game NHL 17 hockey are microphones. The play has also been improved this year, can capture the puck effectively and smoothly is still haphazard. The case comes in a year and still not improved in the last two or three versions. This game this year has been hampered by the inability to play a loose puck. This is one of the necessary reforms in time to start NHL 18’s.

The above video is just one of many bad situations or even non-existent pickup hockey. It makes it difficult to play and makes the game frustrating and annoying. People play video games, have fun and win. If you ever get stuck in a bad programming, it can get frustrating quickly.

TKK packs less attractive Offline

NHL 17 HUT is quite unusual. Although the increases in the hut through the years has been good, and it was the only permanent HUT their own packages. Instead of focusing on the sale of cans down, the developer of the NHL team needs to worry about giving the game depth. It did not have any NHL game in the last half-decade, and the possibility of an in-depth gameplay. If NHL 18 now includes features such as suing Solo (from Madden), and it has a much longer shelf life.

Sulu challenges is the best touch feature any major sport, how to add? Oldest NHL remember moments LIVE. If added back to the development team Moments Live rewards such as packages and coins, and they want to do yourself a favor. No one likes to play that revolves around money. If they make the game more suitable for grinding, NHL 18 may be larger sales NHL game in years.

How to Stand Out When Playing NHL 18 ?

NHL 18 by EA Sports is soon to be launched but there is a way that you can play the game earlier than it’s release date.

In other words, don’t wait till its launch just taste it earlier before anyone does and follow through this article as we teach you how to access NHL 18 game earlier than all your friends.

NHL 18

Xbox Consoles
EA sports recently revealed that the game is playable on Xbox 360 console. Like its prior version NHL 17, it is certain the EA will be adding the NHL 18 to Xbox’s EA Access catalog. This enables all the EA Access members to play the NHL 18 full game for a set time frame. This time frame is yet to be announced but we believe it will be a period of a 8 hour period a week before the game is launched.

Previously the game was scheduled to be played between 6 – 10 hours. Stay subscribed to EA as EA Access subscribers can play the game’s trial version before its launch but only on Xbox One.

PlayStation Consoles – We found a way!
Unfortunately, the game will not be available early access for PlayStation gamers but we believe we have found a way around that too. This means regardless of the console, you can play the game before the game is released.

There is a certain trick with PlayStation 4 that allows you to play NHL 18 a couple of hours before the release date. As we all know, the release date for EA games varies with the time zone. PlayStation System allows you to change your timezone and using a VPN service for your internet connection, you can download the game a few hours earlier. For example, if you are in the United States, you will be able to play the game almost one day early by using servers from Japan or Australia.

For PC
EA access offers a separate early access platform for PC and Windows users called Origin Access. The version is available on personal computer/laptop. However, the game NHL 18 is only available on the gaming consoles and not in Personal Computer. There is a way for you to play the game using an emulator but since it requires gamers to have a good gaming system (we mean Alienware system with Asus cooling and additional 16GB RAM) so we are not going to waste your time explaining how to use an emulator. If you happen to have such a good system. Here’s a link to help yourself.

Will NHL 18 be available on Xbox 360 and PS3?
Likewise, in the case of older consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you should be able to play the game like in any other platforms except for the new graphics enhancements for PlayStation Pro and Xbox S.

Are you excited for NHL 18? Comment Below

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NHL18: Skates into New Territory for Hockey Fans —Video Game Review

It takes lots of manpower, material and financial resources to create a yearly sports game. in addition, the latest edition must has unique features which can distinguish it from former edition. and now, many gamers are expecting the coming of NHL18.


last year, EA Sports’hockey franchise had been the favorite of numerous gamers. they can experience an authentic adventures on current-gen consoles because of a rapid speed of franchise. compared with NHL 116, NHL 17 is know as a rounded game in which one can delete his previous bad playing record. gamers can start their revitalized package in NHL 17 which supported by the online EASHL.

It’s a tough act to follow, but NHL 18 brings just enough tricks to be successful. One year later, we have a second straight quality hockey game, one that takes last year’s game and finds ways to make it better.

The differences aren’t earth-shattering, but they are worthwhile, especially for hardcore hockey gamers. The on-ice experience is still largely the same, fueled by terrific visuals and a great sense of the little details. For all the good of the Madden and NBA 2K franchises, they could still take a cue from NHL 17 when it comes to the excitement of a score; no sports game captures that feeling better. The on-ice trainer in NHL 18 is another spot where this game excels. It’s the finest tutorial in gaming right now, teaching both strategy in this video game and nuanced knowledge of hockey.

EA Sports drops Patrick Kane from NHL 17 promotional plans
That beautiful hockey can be played in a wealth of different ways. Expected modes such as Be A Pro and Franchise mode has grown more robust this year, incorporating fan pricing elements. None of this is actually new, of course; it’s stuff EA has been doing in Madden for more than a decade, but it’s still fun to get granular. Ultimate Team, that obligatory card-pack mode available in all sports games, is also here, and the EASHL, one of the most enjoyable takes on online sports multiplayer gaming, is back as well.

Those holdovers are joined by two new modes, both of which bring their own intrigue. We’re coming off the World Cup of Hockey, and that’s represented in NHL 18. It’s not a name-only representation, either; EA works hard to deliver a stylized presentation befitting international competition.

Even better than that is Draft Champions, a new mode that tasks you with winning four straight games, either against A.I. or online, with a team you build through a team-based draft. That may mean drafting from a pool of youngsters, or a pool of players only in the Eastern Conference. It’s a tiny constraint that puts a twist on fantasy-themed drafting, and it’s terrific fun.

The same is true for NHL 18. EA Sports does just enough to add value to this game and make it a step above its predecessor. One year after a terrific hockey game, that’s no easy feat.

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