How to Stand Out When Playing NHL 18 ?

NHL 18 by EA Sports is soon to be launched but there is a way that you can play the game earlier than it’s release date.

In other words, don’t wait till its launch just taste it earlier before anyone does and follow through this article as we teach you how to access NHL 18 game earlier than all your friends.

NHL 18

Xbox Consoles
EA sports recently revealed that the game is playable on Xbox 360 console. Like its prior version NHL 17, it is certain the EA will be adding the NHL 18 to Xbox’s EA Access catalog. This enables all the EA Access members to play the NHL 18 full game for a set time frame. This time frame is yet to be announced but we believe it will be a period of a 8 hour period a week before the game is launched.

Previously the game was scheduled to be played between 6 – 10 hours. Stay subscribed to EA as EA Access subscribers can play the game’s trial version before its launch but only on Xbox One.

PlayStation Consoles – We found a way!
Unfortunately, the game will not be available early access for PlayStation gamers but we believe we have found a way around that too. This means regardless of the console, you can play the game before the game is released.

There is a certain trick with PlayStation 4 that allows you to play NHL 18 a couple of hours before the release date. As we all know, the release date for EA games varies with the time zone. PlayStation System allows you to change your timezone and using a VPN service for your internet connection, you can download the game a few hours earlier. For example, if you are in the United States, you will be able to play the game almost one day early by using servers from Japan or Australia.

For PC
EA access offers a separate early access platform for PC and Windows users called Origin Access. The version is available on personal computer/laptop. However, the game NHL 18 is only available on the gaming consoles and not in Personal Computer. There is a way for you to play the game using an emulator but since it requires gamers to have a good gaming system (we mean Alienware system with Asus cooling and additional 16GB RAM) so we are not going to waste your time explaining how to use an emulator. If you happen to have such a good system. Here’s a link to help yourself.

Will NHL 18 be available on Xbox 360 and PS3?
Likewise, in the case of older consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you should be able to play the game like in any other platforms except for the new graphics enhancements for PlayStation Pro and Xbox S.

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