Tom Clancy The Division 2 Launches March 14 2019

The Division 2 heads to Washington DC to battle for the future of the United States of America in the streets of its capitol. It’s with a fitting pomp and patriotic action film cheesiness that you stroll into the White House a hero after cutting through the gangs attacking the survivors there, and use this as your base of operations to branch out and fight for the American Dream. When the private beta for The Division 2 goes live next week on 7th February, players will have a range of activities to sample, which will include a glimpse of the looter shooter’s endgame.

Ubisoft will be running a Technical Test of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 ahead of the Open Beta, from Thursday, February 21st to Friday, February 22nd for a limited number of PC players worldwide. The goal with this Technical Test is to assess a certain amount of fixes the developers implemented based on player feedback following the Private Beta, which will help ensure that your Open Beta experience will be as smooth as possible. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Technical Test will be available to a select number of users on PC. PC players who are invited will receive an email on Wednesday, February 20th. Access to the Technical Test for PC pre-orders is not guaranteed. Invites will be distributed at random to ensure a wide range of participants.

The offer extends to all three PC digital editions of The Division 2, standard, gold, and ultimate. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Credits, you possibly can email us on our own page. The only requirement is that you pre-order your copy before March 14. Those who already pre-ordered a digital PC copy are eligible for the free game, too. You’ll have from launch day to March 31 to redeem your free game here. We had a chance to check out the private beta of The Division 2 and enjoyed what we played. It was a small sampling, but Ubisoft seems to have added some meaningful additions to the shoot-and-loot experience while maintaining the core identity of the 2016 hit.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Credits

With the new additions in The Division 2, and the overall feeling that the game has a lot more to offer than it’s predecessor, Ubisoft probably see the game as a more solid base for the expansions and new content even after the first year. If The Division 2 looks like your cup of tea, you can try the game for free in the upcoming open beta. Those who preorder The Division 2 will get an option in uPlay to redeem one of the three aforementioned games for free. While each game has its own appeal, Ghost Recon: Wildlands stands out among the crowd and will likely be the most claimed game.

Not all news are good news, at least not for some The Division fans. Rick Valassi is probably the character that divided the community the most as some fans are calling for his comeback in The Division 2 as they enjoyed his conspiracy theory ravings on the New York’s pirate broadcast. Others hate his voice, accent, topics and hypocrisy. While the majority of the trailer is live-action, there is also a small portion of gameplay at the very end, showing a group of agents as they try to take back the White House.