Neverwinter FAQ about How to Level Up Guide

Neverwinter gamers ought know there is a special currency “Guild Marks” very hard to earn by daily tasks but very expensive and sought-after by most of Neverwinter Guild leaders. If you want to know how to earn Neverwinter Guild Marks, you can read this Neverwinter Guide for a little useful information.

The first way to earn guild marks is to utilize the Double Events. It might not be as easy however if your guild has strict weekly donation rules for their members. So make sure you don’t step on your guild leaders’ toes when holding the currency back for a Double Guild Mark event.
There are two ways to fill up the Surplus Equipment Coffer in Neverwinter Module 15 first is to use Quartermaster’s Enchantment, Rank 8, which is great to acquire a large amount of Guild Marks over time. Cheap Neverwinter Zen will help you to get more Guild Marks from market, you can skip the farming process and save time.
Module 15 provides a new way to grind Guild Marks. Since those no longer can be salvaged to RAD, it makes most sense to stash them away for a Double Guild Mark event and then donate them.

Neverwinter Guild Marks
Resources for Pro Players of Neverwinter
This way can only be used in Module 15. All profession resources can be donated into coffers and net Guild Marks in Module. Since you can run Gathering on many tons 24/7, this is effectively a way to turn Gold into some GMs. Most resources only net measly amounts however and endgame guilds and alliances have their Profession Supplies coffers capped or sealed off all the time anyway, making this merely an outside option. If you see an opening however, you can’t do wrong with throwing stuff you don’t need into a coffer.

Some players have also worked around full coffers by forming so-called “dummy guilds”. A group of five during a double event can create a guild, donate Profession Supplies (or Surplus Equipment) until the coffers are capped, delete the guild, and start over.

Increase Your Influence and Shards Collecting Efficiency
Although doing your daily HEs and Shards is really boring, by log in the game every day and do some daily tasks can easily generate upwards 50,000 GM per double event and character. Running the Stronghold and the two easy skirmish and dungeon queues for shards is a 30-minute task, and really worth the effort.