NBA LIVE 18 Lets You Ball out in UNDEFEATED Air Jordan IVs

Have you ever wanted to ball out in a pair of $20,000 UNDEFEATED Air Jordan IVs? Because NBA LIVE is giving you a chance to do so with its new Livestrike feature.

NBA LIVE advertises Livestrike as an unannounced content drop containing rare Live Event challenges, premium in-game apparel, shoes and player traits.

It’s the in-game apparel and shoes that most catch our eye, as the latest drop features product from LA’s UNDEFEATED (available November 14 to 21), Japan’s BAPE (November 28 to December 5), and Pink Dolphin (December 4 to December 12).
As streetwear becomes more and more mainstream, brands such as EA are constantly on the lookout for how to integrate pop culture into its games in an attempt to connect gamers with other aspects of their lifestyle.

NBA Live 18 is a basketball immersive video game developed by EA Canada, published by EA Sports in 2017. Unveiled information revealed the game features abundant new content which is totally different from its predecessor the NBA Live 16. There’re a chain of game modes for gamers: The One, Franchise, Ultimate Team, correspond to career mode, quick mode, and online mode of traditional sports game. Full of innovation!

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