NBA 2K18 – Experience basketball at its best

NBA-2K18Until a few years ago EA Sports’s NBA Live dominated the field of basketball but in recent years 2K Sports has succeeded time after time in capturing the break with the NBA 2K series. This year the NBA 2K18 is back for another round on the field does this time he manages to keep the first place?

It seems that most sports games in recent years are trying to get us into the plot rather than just the game itself or simulator as EA does. But this year NBA 2K18 also presents a story in which the little man makes his way to fame.

In the game we play the DJ a young boy who plays basketball with his friends in the neighborhood but dreams of getting far. One fine day he met an agent watching a game and accepted a proposal that changed his life. In the game we will often encounter a situation where we have to choose how to respond to suggestions and how to respond to those around us (how to respond to a person who laughs at our game skills for example) decisions that will influence the development of the player. In order to improve your skills you need to be present in the games and impress with performance or buy coins with real money that will allow us to pave the way for saving more easily.

The control of the game is no different from the previous titles in the series and we were pleased to find that there is still the unique Pro Stick game which enables the player to control the left button on the console’s console and perform parallel actions such as a shot to the basket or “step and a half” using the right button or the usual control keys. The mechanism was first introduced in the NBA 2K14 but has been improved and polished since then and whole attacks can be performed smoothly and meticulously only with the Stickers and quite a few players will find the method more enjoyable.

In 2 K Sports they also introduced the new training mode called “2KU” which promises to make it easier for new players entering the game with detailed explanations and Freestyle mode. This is important because control of the game requires a little more knowledge than the basic basketball rules so you not only have to know which player to deliver you also need to know when and what type of delivery to use. To succeed in the game there is no escape from knowing the weaknesses of the players we control and their weak point.

The series games have always been focused on providing the most real gaming experience that can be provided and the NBA2K18 is no different. The graphics are quite impressive and alongside the sound we get the feeling that we are right on the field. The level of detail is very impressive and the most enjoyable we have ever experienced in a basketball game.

In fact a side observer will not feel the difference between watching a real basketball game and a game in NBA2K18. Thanks to the angles of the footage the broadcasters and the content these together give a real and real sense of the experience provided by watching a real game broadcast on television. The sports halls are also impressive the street games and the neighborhoods are meticulously sketched and the broadcasters are carefully programmed so that they will not repeat the same sentence in a short period of time.
The bottom line

It’s hard not to give compliments to 2K Sports on NBA2K18. The game looks great and gives a real sense of good quality basketball. The new story mode also gives a little more depth and tries and also succeeds in getting us into a plot that is very easy to connect to.

However the inexperienced players will find themselves having little control over the game and we recommend that you try the training mode beforehand. However any basketball fan will find himself enjoying the NBA2K18 and this is undoubtedly the best basketball game of the year.

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