PES 2021 is as close to perfect as we’ve seen yet in terms of gameplay

It is no longer a secret that eFootball PES 2021 is practically the same game released last year. Konami’s option for a Season Update made it very clear that the game would not bring great news there, in a movement that closely resembles a dream that virtual football fans have had for some time.

Fifa has always had the upper hand when it comes to the official licensing of competitions and clubs. Although that’s nothing an option file makeover doesn’t neatly fix for PS4 and PC players, Fifa has always had the edge when it comes to crisp kits and club insignia.

Is the update worth the three bucks?
Everyone is used to a new game of their football franchise of choice being released every year. For example, FIFA and PES came out with a new part around the same period for years. But for a change, PES has made the decision to release PES 2021 via an update. Because they want to work fully on the next gen version. And that shows balls! But what is the result? what exactly do you get for the amount of thirty euros. Just a transfer update and some shirt changes? Or have any real adjustments been made? Who knows a new fashion?

Right from kickoff, the difference between a simulation and an arcade game is apparent, with every tap of a button or flick of a joystick resulting in a most deliberate action that plays out on screen. “Well done, ‘genius’,” you may well say, possibly adding a “Good to see you know how a video game works” for good measure. But there’s a difference between triggering an animation that takes your controlled character from A to B, and actually taking your controller from A to B yourself.

EA’s franchise has conquered its space on its own merits, bringing a lot of content and an online environment that has been greatly strengthened with the current generation of consoles, but Konami’s vacillations also spurred the process: the company started using Hideo Kojima’s Fox Engine from PES 2014, and the results were catastrophic.

Out of the case, PES 2021 is as close to perfect as we’ve seen yet in terms of gameplay. Konami has managed to ring every last drop out of the FOX Engine it employed for the run, as the PS4 console – straining to keep up under the bonnet – would attest.

As we all know, because of the European Championship due to Covid 19, it has unfortunately been moved to next year. Fortunately, PES 2021 offers the possibility to play the European Championship with the Dutch national team. Includes Memphis Depay. This way, any person who is enthusiastic about the European Championship can already try to win the championship with Orange. Besides the European Championship, PES 2021 also offers the possibility to create your own team with MyClub. And let it just be that MyClub is Koos’s favorite mode. But are MyClub and the European Championship enough reasons to buy the PES 2021 update? Could this update also have benefits for football fans who don’t have PES 2020? You hear it in the PES 2021 Review!

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