Fortnite’s Marvel-themed season comes to an end next week

Buy Fortnite Accounts Fortnite’s Marvel-themed season comes to an end next week with super villain Galactus finally arriving on the island on Tuesday afternoon. Dataminers are finding lots of references to past season events Epic has put out some streaming rules suggesting there’ll be copyrighted music and we really have no idea what we’re going to get from the event or the upcoming Season 5. So now’s as good a time as any to say that I hope we don’t see another crossover season.

Fortnite just recently launched Chapter 2 – Season 5 after a world-shaking Galactus live event at the end of the last season. The game itself is currently available on most major platforms but the iOS version specifically has hit a snag after Epic Games intentionally set off a chain of events that caused it to be removed from the App Store. The legal fight over that decision is ongoing but the short version is: nobody’s playing Chapter 2 – Season 5 on an iPhone right now. Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 is currently ongoing on the other platforms however.

Epic has already stated in the past that they have plenty more plans in the future for Marvel crossovers Cheap Fortnite Accounts so it’s not exactly news that Marvel is teasing something but that’s just what they did.

Following the conclusion of Season 4 the official Marvel Twitter account thanked Epic for teaming them up for the season while also teasing the future.

In the meantime there is a lot for Fortnite fans to chew over. This new map’s Zero Point has been exposed and it was under the Agency all along. Iron Man appeared to warp Galactus inside it in an area first seen in the game’s 2018 butterfly live event. And with all these shenanigans going on surely John Jones is getting fired? Apparently not – he’s already teasing next season’s characters…

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