EA has made a lot of efforts on FIFA 16

EA Sports released the demo for FIFA 16. However, based on what I’ve seen so far in the demos for FIFA 16 and PES 2016, EA will have to work very hard to keep its footy crown as PES 2016 has made a big step up, while FIFA 16 has plateaued compared to previous versions. fifa points account Game setup and presentation In the FIFA 16 demo, you get to choose from Chelsea FC, Manchester City, Inter and a few others. Fans got FIFA 16 last year on the new consoles and in all fairness it was a high resolution version of the current gen models. While it had a few tweaks here and there, fans still eagerly awaited what the new FIFA 15 version to see what it could do.

After playing a few games, FIFA 16 has a noticeably weightier feel to it. And by that I mean that the game feels less arcade-like that it has in past years and more strategic in gameplay. Gone are the days when you can pinball passes around hoping for an easy score when now every pass you play needs to be played right but more on that in a moment. Career mode has changed. They’re not sweeping changes to the whole game, but they are substantial enough to be talked about and looked forward to.

Things like scout reports lasting a year, rather than 3 months in FIFA 16, free agent transfers from outside the window to bolster your squad when suffering from a lot of injuries, the ability to loan players for 2 years and more realistic transfers, prices and budgets mean that this game is going to be closer to what a real player and manager career would be like, and it’s a welcome change. EA’s Ignite engine has done a lot of good things for the franchise, but the side effect appears to be some absolutely insane player physics. The idea is that instead of tackles and bumps triggering generic animations, players should bounce off each other interactively.

Sometimes this works, sometimes, as in the video above, it really doesn’t. Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s something hilarious about players continually falling over each other, and we’ve definitely counted our lucky stars when one of these glitches has won us a last minute penalty. But if FIFA wants to up its game, this really needs fixing. And speaking of last minute penalties. One of the bigger improvements in FIFA 16 is in the menus. One of the touches I really liked is the ability to create and save your starting line ups so with a few easy clicks you can easily plug in your Starting XI with little fuss.

But now there is so much more one can do within those menus such as creating and improving formations, deciding what particular players will do as far as possibly defending or attacking, widening or closing his space and much more. You get to tinker so much with your formations and tactics, and once you find what you like, you can save it. The commentary this year is much more dynamic in years past and so far what I have noticed is that there are very few dead spots in the game when there isn’t commentary going on.

EA Sports has also improved how the ticker looks as well as in game graphics including scores from other matches. EA Sports has really started taking lessons from 2K Sports in how to actually present a game and give it a lifelike feel. The women’s teams included in the demo are USA and Germany. EA Sports wastes no time getting you into a game. After the demo finished loading, I was immediately thrown into playing an El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. buy fifa points If you’ve played one FIFA game, you’ve played them all, so there were very few tweaks that I needed to make to set up the game.