When will we see Genshin Impact update 1.1

Genshin Impact Account Buy Although Genshin Impact fans still have to wait a bit for the game’s 1.1 update there were a number of leaks that gave us an idea of ​​what this update will bring us. Discover everything we know so far about update 1.1.

Subsequent changes in update 1.1 include the option to change the assigned functions to buttons on the pad or keyboard. Chinese developers will also introduce in patch 1.1 an advanced ability to sort your artifacts based on their basic attributes. Importantly this patch will also include an item (available for free) which if left there will act as a mobile Teleport (for fast-travel on the map).

Another new feature is the integration of additional filters in order to navigate better among the artefacts. Always for better readability icons will show by which character the artifacts and weapons are equipped. Also a free “object” will let us travel the world more easily via teleport points.

One of the greatest features of Genshin Impact in update 1.1 is the addition of the reputation system. Each region will have its own reputation level that can be increased by exploring doing side missions and completing region specific rewards and requests. You will receive special rewards depending on the reputation you have built in each region.

When will we see update 1.1? MiHoYo studio announced that November 11. The Unreconciled Stars event will also start on this day. However this will only be the beginning of this year’s great attraction. On December 23 Cheap Genshin Impact Account a whole new area will be launched in the Genshin Impact environment. You can read more about it here.

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