People spending more time on their smartphones responding to Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO is a game hunt for Pokémon in various places in real life and use their smartphones to capture Pokémon. You can train Pokémon as a trainer and use them in the battle. The game fuse virtual space and real space together. Except you can catch Pokémon by your phone, and there are Pokéstops ang gym placed in various real-life locations. Pokéstops is for obtaining items and gyms if for competition. It’s so popular that you can see adults and young staring at their phone for catching Pokémon in the street. Pokémon GO has been credited with helping normally sedentary people get out of the house and exercise. It has also helped shy people improve their social skills, as complete strangers collaborated to find and capture the rarer Pokémon in the area.

In the last few weeks, you may have seen your employees or teammates walking outside the office swiping their smartphones. They have a newfound interest in going to parks. And when they talk, they use unfamiliar words like Pikachu, Snorlax, and Pokéstops. If this sounds familiar, then your employees are into Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO is really funny but it has the potential to be a distraction at work. Pokémon GO is different from other online games like Candy Crush because employees may have to leave the office to play.

This is not a problem if your firm is located in a rural area or near residences with little to no Gyms and Pokéstops. In these areas, Pokémon only appear a few times during the day, and the ones that do appear are the common rats, snakes and pigeons that nobody wants after a day or two. Pokémon Go Account But if your firm happens to be located near a popular Pokéstop or a park that spawns rare Pokémon, you may find that your employees may be spending more time on their smartphones responding to Pokémon spawns rather than client emails.

The good news is that the Pokémon GO phenomenon is beginning to die down. In my opinion, most professionals will quickly lose interest in the game because of its repetitiveness and the massive time, money and walking commitment required to catch all of the rare Pokémon. Also, the game seems to crash frequently, which has been a major source of irritation. Finally, Niantic has recently made changes to the game that make it more difficult for players to find and capture Pokemon. Players have expressed their butthurt over social media, saying that they don’t want to spend hours or days searching for a single Pokémon.

You can try to convince the Pokémon trainer in your office to get bored of the game on his own. But I think most employers should not worry about Pokémon GO polluting their employees’ work ethic. Pokemon Go Account For Sale The game isn’t that great and will get boring fairly quickly to everyone but the most hardcore players. And most professionals will put their work duties first. But for those who may be taking the game more seriously than they should, it is generally better to get them to quit the game on their own.