NBA LIVE 18 Lets You Ball out in UNDEFEATED Air Jordan IVs

Have you ever wanted to ball out in a pair of $20,000 UNDEFEATED Air Jordan IVs? Because NBA LIVE is giving you a chance to do so with its new Livestrike feature.

NBA LIVE advertises Livestrike as an unannounced content drop containing rare Live Event challenges, premium in-game apparel, shoes and player traits.

It’s the in-game apparel and shoes that most catch our eye, as the latest drop features product from LA’s UNDEFEATED (available November 14 to 21), Japan’s BAPE (November 28 to December 5), and Pink Dolphin (December 4 to December 12).
As streetwear becomes more and more mainstream, brands such as EA are constantly on the lookout for how to integrate pop culture into its games in an attempt to connect gamers with other aspects of their lifestyle.

NBA Live 18 is a basketball immersive video game developed by EA Canada, published by EA Sports in 2017. Unveiled information revealed the game features abundant new content which is totally different from its predecessor the NBA Live 16. There’re a chain of game modes for gamers: The One, Franchise, Ultimate Team, correspond to career mode, quick mode, and online mode of traditional sports game. Full of innovation!

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NBA 2K18 – Experience basketball at its best

NBA-2K18Until a few years ago EA Sports’s NBA Live dominated the field of basketball but in recent years 2K Sports has succeeded time after time in capturing the break with the NBA 2K series. This year the NBA 2K18 is back for another round on the field does this time he manages to keep the first place?

It seems that most sports games in recent years are trying to get us into the plot rather than just the game itself or simulator as EA does. But this year NBA 2K18 also presents a story in which the little man makes his way to fame.

In the game we play the DJ a young boy who plays basketball with his friends in the neighborhood but dreams of getting far. One fine day he met an agent watching a game and accepted a proposal that changed his life. In the game we will often encounter a situation where we have to choose how to respond to suggestions and how to respond to those around us (how to respond to a person who laughs at our game skills for example) decisions that will influence the development of the player. In order to improve your skills you need to be present in the games and impress with performance or buy coins with real money that will allow us to pave the way for saving more easily.

The control of the game is no different from the previous titles in the series and we were pleased to find that there is still the unique Pro Stick game which enables the player to control the left button on the console’s console and perform parallel actions such as a shot to the basket or “step and a half” using the right button or the usual control keys. The mechanism was first introduced in the NBA 2K14 but has been improved and polished since then and whole attacks can be performed smoothly and meticulously only with the Stickers and quite a few players will find the method more enjoyable.

In 2 K Sports they also introduced the new training mode called “2KU” which promises to make it easier for new players entering the game with detailed explanations and Freestyle mode. This is important because control of the game requires a little more knowledge than the basic basketball rules so you not only have to know which player to deliver you also need to know when and what type of delivery to use. To succeed in the game there is no escape from knowing the weaknesses of the players we control and their weak point.

The series games have always been focused on providing the most real gaming experience that can be provided and the NBA2K18 is no different. The graphics are quite impressive and alongside the sound we get the feeling that we are right on the field. The level of detail is very impressive and the most enjoyable we have ever experienced in a basketball game.

In fact a side observer will not feel the difference between watching a real basketball game and a game in NBA2K18. Thanks to the angles of the footage the broadcasters and the content these together give a real and real sense of the experience provided by watching a real game broadcast on television. The sports halls are also impressive the street games and the neighborhoods are meticulously sketched and the broadcasters are carefully programmed so that they will not repeat the same sentence in a short period of time.
The bottom line

It’s hard not to give compliments to 2K Sports on NBA2K18. The game looks great and gives a real sense of good quality basketball. The new story mode also gives a little more depth and tries and also succeeds in getting us into a plot that is very easy to connect to.

However the inexperienced players will find themselves having little control over the game and we recommend that you try the training mode beforehand. However any basketball fan will find himself enjoying the NBA2K18 and this is undoubtedly the best basketball game of the year.

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Forza Motorsport 7 with Xbox One X enhancements


The latest update to Forza Motorsport 7 has arrived with a ton of fixes and Xbox One X enhancements in tow.

We’re just days away from the November 7 launch of Xbox One X, and games are already being updated with support and enhancements for Microsoft’s powerhouse console. The latest to get the One X treatment is Forza Motorsport 7, which has added the necessary assets and other bits it needs to power its high-fidelity, high-framerate gameplay on the console.

Forza Motorsport 7 is one of Microsoft’s flagship titles for showing off what Xbox One X can do. In terms of performance, the game will run in 4K at 60 frames per second (FPS) on the console, but it’s also getting some visual enhancements as well, with improvements to lighting, shadows, and more. From Turn 10:

For Xbox One X players, today’s update contains the Xbox One X version of Forza 7, including all the beautiful enhancements that will allow players to enjoy the biggest racing game of the year in stunning native 4K, including high-resolution assets. With brand new graphical improvements like improved lighting and shadows resolution, this update lets Forza Motorsport 7 unleash the power of Xbox One X.

While the Xbox One X enhancements are the highlight of this patch, it also includes some new features and a massive list of fixes and improvements for all versions of the game. The update marks the return of the Auction House, where players can exchange cars for credits with other players. Online multiplayer is also adding gameplay modes like Drag, Tag, Virus, Keep the It and Pass the I. The Samsung QLED Car Pack is also now available as part of the Forza 7 Car Pass, adding in a number of new cars seen in the trailer below:

Forza Motorsport 7 (Forza 7) is a car racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One X and Windows 10 PC on October 10 in 2017. Features 4K@60FPS lifelike graphics, more than 700 sports cars, 32 unique tracks, Forza 7 received 9.1 out of 10 from IGN.Forza 7 Credits are the basic currency in the game, which gamers need it to buy new cars and high-performance gears, modify and repair their cars. Players receive Credits rewards when complete or unlock achievements. If you want to level up faster than others, Buy Cheap Forza 7 Credits from is the best choice. is one of the most professional online game currency stores online. We provide all hot game currency for gamers, now Forza 7 Credits is full in stock and on promotion, do not miss it! We promise all Forza 7 Credits are hand-farmed with 100% safety. You can join our affiliate program to win free credits too. Buy FM7 Credits and enjoy the game from now!

NBA Live Mobile reaches its second season with news

Talking about basketball games on Android devices is doing it from NBA Live Mobile. The game of EA is a whole beast that has no competition in its own: bring the excitement of basketball to the screens of smartphone and tablets. As has happened with FIFA Mobile the second season has reached NBA Live Mobile with a few novelties that will improve the gaming experience much more.

Coaches and a new lineup system arrive at NBA Live Mobile

There are several fields that have been remodeled tremendously in this new second season and we could almost be talking about that we are facing a new game. One of the facets that has changed the most has been the alignment: if before we had a mess with the five different ones now we will only concentrate on two the NBA line-up (which has the current players) and the classic one (where there are the legends of the world of basketball). In addition the MED of the bench will be fundamental in the good course of the team.

This new system of alignments is completed with the inclusion of one of the most revered figures of the NBA: the coaches make their appearance in NBA Live Mobile and we can unlock them as if they were players. These coaches have a great weight in our way of playing since each of them have a different training and playing style which will improve our team players. Of course we must bear in mind that not all players are well married in certain styles so we can always see which coach favors our team better and vice versa.
More news of the second season of NBA Live Mobile

This second season that has just started has more relevant news that will change the way we played NBA Live Mobile and if we used to talk about coaches the normal thing now is to do it on training. Like his namesake soccer fan we can now improve our gold and elite players through the use of other players or special training collectibles. The game will no longer be based solely on the traditional exchange of cards but we can give greater importance to players of lower average.

The Crossroads program (crossroads) is another interesting novelty with which to live new events based on players who are at an important point in their careers. Thus we can play 30 challenges with which to acquire these players who be it for being a rookie or being a veteran star this season will mark the evolution of their careers. The list of players we can incorporate once we have made their challenges are: Lonzo Ball Giannis Antetokounmpo Carmelo Anthony Dwayne Wade and Karl Anthony Towns.
NBA Live 18 is a basketball immersive video game developed by EA Canada published by EA Sports in 2017. Unveiled information revealed the game features abundant new content which is totally different from its predecessor the NBA Live 16. There’s a chain of game modes for gamers: The One Franchise Ultimate Team corresponds to career mode quick mode and online mode of traditional sports game. Full of innovation!

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NBA 2K18, GTA Online drive Take-Two’s Q2

When Take-Two Interactive delayed Red Dead Redemption 2 to its next fiscal year in May, it confirmed a bare bones release slate for the year consisting almost entirely of NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18. The company announced its results today for its second quarter (ended September 30), and the publisher is weathering its fiscal year of few releases better than one might expect.

Net revenue for the quarter was up 6% to $443.6 million, while the company posted a net loss of $2.7 million compared to net income of $36.4 million for the year-ago quarter. Without the effect of deferred revenues for GAAP numbers, the company’s net bookings were up 20% to $577 million. The biggest contributors for net bookings were NBA 2K18, NBA 2K17, Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V, the mobile titles Dragon City and Monster Legends, and XCOM 2.

That recurrent consumer spending figure bears particular attention, as NBA 2K18 has drawn criticisms for its implementation of virtual currency. While the publisher adjusted prices on some virtual items in response, the game’s Metacritic user score continues to be hammered by players upset about virtual currency. As of this writing, the game has a 1.7 user score based on 496 ratings.

When asked how Take-Two parses conflicting feedback like robust sales and poor user reviews, Zelnick first stressed the company takes feedback seriously.

“We want to delight our consumers, and we are trying to create a perfect balance between what the game has to offer and how consumers feel about it,” Zelnick said. “That’s our primary goal. Our primary goal is not monetization and engagement. Our primary goal is delight. So we take any feedback incredibly seriously.
The feedback on Grand Theft Auto V has been more consistently positive. The game has now sold in more than 85 million units lifetime-to-date and Take-Two cited the industry-tracking NPD Group with the news that it is now the all-time best-selling video game, both in revenues and units, based on combined US digital and physical sales across PC, console and portable devices. Meanwhile, it’s stand-alone multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online continues to grow, posting another record quarter and leading the company’s title when it comes to recurrent consumer spending.

While it may be tempting to consider GTA V something of a lightning-in-a-bottle success, Zelnick didn’t seem too interested in managing expectations for the company’s next time out.

“It’s always a high-class problem when you have success and you say, OK, that becomes my new baseline. I think all of us here are really grateful for the success we’ve had with every one of our titles and all of us here have higher and higher expectations for ourselves. We’re a high performing organization constantly seeking creative excellence and business excellence. So is it a challenge to innovate again, to be the most creative company, to be the most efficient company on an ongoing basis. Absolutely, but it’s a challenge that we relish.”

Zelnick also touched upon the current discourse surrounding single-player games in the industry. Grand Theft Auto used to be among the major AAA blockbuster franchises purely driven by a single-player narrative campaign, but it has grown to embrace multiplayer in recent installments.

“Certainly, conventional wisdom is that [the single-player narrative-focused game format] is under pressure right now,” Zelnick said. “And we’re not mindless about conventional wisdom. Our own view, though, is that formats appear to come in style and go out of style, but what really drives success is quality and excitement. And I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing big single-player hits come forth, from us or from other people.”

Based on the results of its second quarter, Take-Two raised its full-year revenue expectations. The company now expects net revenues between $1.74 billion and $1.84 billion, up from the previous range of $1.62 billion to $1.72 billion. However, the bottom line will take a hit, as the publisher now expects a net income of $63 million to $91 million, compared to the previous forecast of $112 million to $140 million. A portion of that loss can be attributed to a chance in the expected cost of goods sold, which had been projected to be $732 million to $781 million, but now is set for $893 million to $944 million.

FIFA 18 ,aquick guide to winning at FUT

It sounds simple but FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) mode is a wonderfully challenging game mode that requires plenty of thought – but it’s one that can provide a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Users are tasked with building a team by collecting player cards that can be bought online although it’s more cost-effective to do this by completing tasks or challenges.

Once you’ve got your team together you can compete online take part in challenges or play a series of offline events in order to earn more FIFA Coins.

Read on for our top five tips for playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Challenges can boost your FIFA Coins balance

It can be tempting to purchase FIFA Points to buy packs but if you’re prepared to do some hard graft you can win more coins by completing challenges.

It’s important to be selective with these as some will be beyond the difficulty level your team can manage.

Team of the Week and Story Mode are worth checking out with the latter allowing you to win FIFA Coins by following the exploits of rising Premier League star Alex Hunter.

Completing these challenges will help you win new packs new players and tonnes of coins.

Be selective with your star loanee

FUT rewards players who don’t just assemble a list of big names but possess good team chemistry also.

When picking the star player to bring in on loan at the beginning of your FUT journey make sure he will fit in with the rest of your squad.

A player like Gareth Bale has connections to the Premier League and La Liga creating lots of areas where he will gel with the rest of your players.

Choosing a top player just because he’s your favourite isn’t the route to success on FUT.

Did we mention team chemistry?

As with real-life football team chemistry is crucial when playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Your team will perform better if players are alongside others from the same league club or country.

Factors such as position played the manager and games for the club all help to determine the player and team chemistry.

Create an excellent chemistry and your team will flourish. Overlook this point and you’ll be on a hiding to nothing.

You can never stop learning

Do you think you know all there is to know about FUT? Think again.

The Champions Channel allows to study the world’s best players and see what they do. Follow what they do to boost your chances of success when you start to play.

The best managers constantly look for ways to improve their skills and the Champions Channel is an invaluable tool that can take your play onto the next level.

Don’t follow the rest of the pack

Many players will take over the club they support but building your own unique team and beating the best is one of the major joys of FUT.

Danny Rose once accused Tottenham Hotspur of signing too many players he had to look up on Google but imagine beating the top teams with players your opponents would need a search engine to find.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team rewards players who don’t do the obvious – so carry out your research and you’ll be on the road to success.

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Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 8

Colin Cowherd makes his picks for Week 8 of the NFL.

People think I hate the Falcons! Not here I’ll take Atlanta minus four at the New York Jets. First of all the Falcons’ offense is second in yards a play over six yards a play while the Jets’ defense is 21st. This is a Falcons team that looked really bad on television. And you know what happens a team looks bad on TV everybody sells it. Sunday night Foxborough they’re terrible! No they’re not better personnel. The Jets can be a little sloppy one of two teams in the NFL that has a giveaway in all seven of their games. I’ll take the Falcons to cover 28 to 20.
ANNOUNCER: Panthers at Bucs.

– I’m going to take Carolina to bounce-back Panthers plus two at Tampa I think they win the game. First of all Tampa’s got no pass rush. Fewest number of sacks in the NFL is Tampa. And that means their pass defense constantly gets exposed. They’ve allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete almost 70% of their passes at almost nine yards a pass! All right they don’t intercept the ball they don’t get to the quarterback. I’m going to take Carolina home field for Tampa is negligible. Carolina wins it 33 to 26.

ANNOUNCER: Texans at Seahawks.

– I’m calling for the upset take the Texans plus 5 and 1/2 against Seattle. All right the Texans can run the football. They’re third in rushing yards per game. Seattle’s running game meanwhile is weak it’s 18th. There’s some three and outs giving the ball back to Houston. And I also think Seattle’s offense this year for some reason has been better on the road. I’m going to call the upset here. I think Houston’s personnel to Deshaun Watson’s legs and arm lot of energy right now they’re scoring when they get in the red zone. Houston 26 Seattle 23.

ANNOUNCER: Chargers at Patriots

– What am I crazy? I’m going to take the L.A. Chargers plus 7 and 1/2 against the Patriots. First of all L.A. has got a real pass rush. Only two teams in the NFL can say this three Chargers have five sacks or more Joy Bosa Melvin Ingram Chris McCain. And Brady has been sacked multiple times in 9 of his last 10 games. And remember this Philip Rivers when he has time can be affected. He’s only been sacked 10 times this year. Patriots win this game. 7 and 1/2 is too many points 26-23 New England take the 7 and 1/2.

ANNOUNCER: Cowboys and Redskins.

– Oh this is tasty. Dallas only has to give up 2 and 1/2? Like it? I love it! First of all they’ve always played very well against Washington. They’ve won 12 of the last 17. And the Cowboys have won at Washington the last four times they’ve been there. And since week four they were sloppy early but the Cowboys are now averaging 450 net yards per game. And the Redskins can sputter offensively. They only have eight 10-play drives this season does Washington. That’s the second fewest in the NFL. I like Dallas to win Washington Monday Night Football on a short week 28-23 Cowboys.

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SAIT and FIFA 18, NHL 18 tournament

On Tuesday Oct. 10 SAIT recreation paired up with Microsoft to put on the first electronic-gaming tournament of the 2017-2018 school year.

“We are very fortunate to have had Microsoft,” said Jared Hidber recreation programmer.

Microsoft will be sponsoring all of SAIT’s E-gaming tournaments during the school year.

The event consisted of two tournaments played at the same time. One tournament was centred around NHL 18 the other was FIFA 18 both of which were new game releases.

Free play went from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and the single round knock-out tournament started at 6:30 p.m. and continued until 10 p.m.

The FIFA 18 tournament was single game elimination and the winner received a $20 giftcard courtesy of Microsoft.

The tournament started with five teams. The final match up was SAIT petroleum engineering student Txabi Sumastre versus Jeremiah Lajide with Sumastre coming out on top winning the match 3–1.

Sumastre who owns FIFA 18 said he enjoys gaming on the weekends with his friends often playing as Manchester United Football Club.

“I usually play as United because they are the team I support,” said Sumastre.

The NHL 18 tournament was larger as they had six teams participating. The format for the tournament was double-elimination with a winners and a losers bracket.
If a player was to lose at any point in the tournament they would move down to the losers bracket and would still be able to earn a chance to play in the final.

The winner of the losers bracket was Matt Brind’Amour who moved on to the finals and played against Geoff Crisfield a business administration student and forward on the Trojan’s men’s hockey team in the championship.

Crisfield went on to win the NHL 18 tournament with a final score of 2 – 1. Brind’Amour gave a third period push to tie the game but ultimately came up short.

Christina Kang who is the community development specialist at Microsoft in Chinook Mall said they do many E-gaming tournaments in Chinook mall.

For SAIT students who are into gaming and missed out on this tournament there will be more opportunities.

On Tuesday Nov. 7 there is a Counterstrike team tournament from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at The Gateway. On Tuesday Feb. 6 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. a Call of Duty and League of Legends team tournaments will be held at The Gateway. All team tournaments will have a team registration fee of $25.

NHL 18 is a hockey simulation game developed by EA Sports based on the National Hockey League published for PS4 and XboxOne. The game also features several game modes such as: Hockey Ultimate Team Online Mode revamped version of “be a GM” Manager Mode Franchise Mode etc. NHL 18 Coins is the in-game currency to buy players and player packs.

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3 skill to achieve the perfect transfer window in fifa18


FIFA 18 reintegrates as in previous years its very popular Ultimate Team mode. Here are three tips that will help you manage your mercato and get a competent team.And help you make the right choice of players to have a big team in the Ultimate Team mode.

Keep your nose close

Also do not lose sight of promising players those who are in shape and have a good season in small clubs. They will cost less and you will put full pockets by reselling them once they make the transfer of the year IRL. Think of Kylian.

Optimizing the collective score on FIFA 18

As every year on FIFA for the passionate of the challenges and the mode multiplayer you will have the opportunity to build your dream team on FUT. Remember the main objective is to optimize your collective score. Simply put side by side players of the same nationality. Or evolving in the same club or the same championship.

Thinking about it it does not seem really complicated if one forgets that it will save a lot of credits to have fun.

First to get it right hurry up to complete the “Adventure” mode with Alex Hunter. Do it without getting fired – it’s always better. This will allow you to have access to a first stock of players.

Finally keep your flair on the lookout and sharpen it. You will find a whole lot of good players that will not cost too much. Some will even be sold below their base value. So do not hesitate you will not be disappointed and you will always be able to sell players you no longer want.

Besides remember also the coast of some players and look at the market at different times. Use the FUTbin app for example to see the prices of items and players. This will give you a better chance of winning the bids without being ripped off to a second for 50 more credits.

FIFA 18 is the most popular football simulation game on PS4/XboxOne/NintendoSwitch/PC developed by EA Sports. The game provides the both online and offline mode for every ages of people who loves football or just loves to play football game. At the very beginning of the start you can try on the Career Mode along with the tutorial step by step so that you can grasp the basic handling and game rules quickly. If you want to become a notable football star and make your name on the official monthly Leaderboard of online mode build up your dream team and join the Ultimate Team. FIFA 18 Coins is the currency in the game which is required to purchase players in Transfer Market.

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The NFL trimmed the length of its game

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell announced before this season that several changes would be made to step up the pace of play in games, which had swelled to an average of 3 hours 7 minutes 8 seconds.

Who can afford 3:07:08 to do anything these days — other than sleep or (maybe) work or study? The lack of flow, ruffled by commercials, was one of several reasons that  NFL viewership on television had been slipping even before the national anthem controversy this year.

As NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote me in an email Wednesday: “We don’t want excessive commercialization or a cluttered experience. We worked carefully to study that and figure out how best to reduce interruptions.”

Well, the early game-length results are in, and it seems the implementations are indeed helping — but only a teeny bit. Through seven weeks, according to, an average NFL game is down to 3:06:42, providing the viewer with 26 valuable extra seconds to wash the car on a Sunday.

The average amount of actual action in an NFL game has been calculated to be between 11 and 15 minutes. The other three hours or so are covered by replays, advertisements, color commentary, advertisements, huddles for the next play, and then more advertisements.

“We did a great deal of work on our game presentation with a focus on taking out some of the dead time and reducing the number of interruptions to the action on the field,” McCarthy wrote. “We don’t want excessive commercialization, or a cluttered experience. We worked carefully to study that and figure out how best to reduce interruptions.”

The NFL has tried to sand down the dead spots by having all plays reviewed in its New York office, rather than on site, and running a 40-second play clock after touchdowns and before extra points, not so much to limit the celebrations as to keep things moving along.

There are two fewer commercial “pods”: those (irritating) 2-minute-20-second bunches of ads during breaks in the action.

Eliminating a chunk of commercials altogether, which would most effectively trim the time of games, would seem to be out. Even with NFL ratings scuffling, Standard Media Index reported that advertisers spent $513 million on NFL games in September — up from $504 million in September 2016.

McCarthy said the NFL is studying advertisement innovations, including the “double box,” in which action is carried in one box on the screen and advertising is shown in the other. The double box is used in sporting events with continuous action, like auto racing.

The NBA has added small advertising patches on uniforms this year, and hockey and soccer games carry advertising on the sides of rinks and pitches. With technology creating yellow first-down lines for football fans, it might be only a matter of time until ads are projected on the field — the First National Bank of Gotham first-down marker!

The NFL is consistent, anyway: In every season between 2000 and 2016, according to figures provided by the NFL, the average time of a game was between 3:02:12 (2008) and 3:08:18 (2015). But young viewers in particular don’t want to spend three hours doing anything, let alone watching television.

It would seem as if two and a half hours would be more optimal, if not two hours. The only way to get there is either to use a running clock, as in soccer, or to trim some bottom-line-fattening ads. Maybe Tom Brady could wear a sponsor’s sticker on his helmet, like a stock car.