NHL18: Skates into New Territory for Hockey Fans —Video Game Review

It takes lots of manpower, material and financial resources to create a yearly sports game. in addition, the latest edition must has unique features which can distinguish it from former edition. and now, many gamers are expecting the coming of NHL18.


last year, EA Sports’hockey franchise had been the favorite of numerous gamers. they can experience an authentic adventures on current-gen consoles because of a rapid speed of franchise. compared with NHL 116, NHL 17 is know as a rounded game in which one can delete his previous bad playing record. gamers can start their revitalized package in NHL 17 which supported by the online EASHL.

It’s a tough act to follow, but NHL 18 brings just enough tricks to be successful. One year later, we have a second straight quality hockey game, one that takes last year’s game and finds ways to make it better.

The differences aren’t earth-shattering, but they are worthwhile, especially for hardcore hockey gamers. The on-ice experience is still largely the same, fueled by terrific visuals and a great sense of the little details. For all the good of the Madden and NBA 2K franchises, they could still take a cue from NHL 17 when it comes to the excitement of a score; no sports game captures that feeling better. The on-ice trainer in NHL 18 is another spot where this game excels. It’s the finest tutorial in gaming right now, teaching both strategy in this video game and nuanced knowledge of hockey.

EA Sports drops Patrick Kane from NHL 17 promotional plans
That beautiful hockey can be played in a wealth of different ways. Expected modes such as Be A Pro and Franchise mode has grown more robust this year, incorporating fan pricing elements. None of this is actually new, of course; it’s stuff EA has been doing in Madden for more than a decade, but it’s still fun to get granular. Ultimate Team, that obligatory card-pack mode available in all sports games, is also here, and the EASHL, one of the most enjoyable takes on online sports multiplayer gaming, is back as well.

Those holdovers are joined by two new modes, both of which bring their own intrigue. We’re coming off the World Cup of Hockey, and that’s represented in NHL 18. It’s not a name-only representation, either; EA works hard to deliver a stylized presentation befitting international competition.

Even better than that is Draft Champions, a new mode that tasks you with winning four straight games, either against A.I. or online, with a team you build through a team-based draft. That may mean drafting from a pool of youngsters, or a pool of players only in the Eastern Conference. It’s a tiny constraint that puts a twist on fantasy-themed drafting, and it’s terrific fun.

The same is true for NHL 18. EA Sports does just enough to add value to this game and make it a step above its predecessor. One year after a terrific hockey game, that’s no easy feat.

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