NBA 2K18 MyTeam Tips: Unstoppable Money Plays for Easy Points

Breakdown the opposing defense is not a easy thing for gamers. unlike many other plays, it’s the most challenging process in the game and decides whether a team win or loss at last. although there are so many tips and guides that have been introduced to gamers, effective plays are rarely to be found. today we will introduce a useful plays based on top gamers experience for you-the new advanced control. it’s quite different from other plays because it focus on the space that you keep away from your competitors. with proper space, you will have a big chance to score the goal. here is the detail of the NBA 2K18 Offensive Guide.

NBA 2K18

Positional Playcall: Press L1/LB, then press teammate’s action button and choose play from menu

Basic Pick Control: Press and hold L1/LB
Advanced Pick Control: Press and hold L1/LB. Use R1/RB to choose Roll vs. Fade and R1/RB to choose pick side.
Set Screen: Circle/B
Call for Screen: Triangle/Y
Icon Pick Control: Press L1/LB, then press and hold the action button of desired screener
Slip Screen and Early Fade: Call for pick, then press L1/LB again at any time before the screener gets hit to have him slip or fade early
With the prepared screen, ball carrier will have a big chance to shot the goal or drive to the basket strongly. it’s especially useful for gamers to get three different scoring opportunities when they begin to pick and roll the ball.what’s more, after completing his moves, the screen setter still displays an option when he rolls toward the basket. when there are two defenders encountered, passing the ball to an open teammate for a open shot is the best choice.

NBA 2K18 MyTeam Tips: Unstoppable Money Plays for Easy Points

Today I am going to show you two Money Plays on MyTeam that will unleash the offensive potential of your squad. Turbo-ing baseline and zig-zagging for threes might seem efficient at first, but it is nothing compared to the plays I am about to show you. Here are some of my NBA 2K18 MyTeam Tips on how to score easily Sam Pham Style!

Why Use Plays ?

Using “Plays” will help you avoid those problems. The two plays I have chosen for you will allow your team to attack in a PHAM-tastic manner; PGs get to facilitate, Wing Scorers will be put in position to dominate, and Shooters will get lots of open catch + shoot opportunities. Attacking this way will breakdown any type of defense you come across in RTTP. Most importantly these plays will keep your offense flexible, thus ensuring your squad to play in roles that best suit their style.

Play # 1

(Both plays are from the GSW Playbook attainable at the auction house!):

Tri Top 14 Fist

This play is set in Triangle Formation, and is designed for your wing scorer to drive to the hoop or pull up for mid range. Your designated Wing Scorer will receive the ball up top, your PF will then set a ball screen at the pinch post. At this point the defense will have to make a choice:

1. Sag down with the big to defend the drive thus giving up the pull up jumper

2. Try to use the wing defender to get over the screen and risk giving up the drive to the hoop.

Either way Pham-ily, this is basketball death for the defense.

Play #2:

15 Angle Down

This play is set in 4-1 Formation, and is designed to use penetration to open up corner 3pt opportunities. Your designated facilitator will receive the ball at the wing and then run a high angle PnR with the C. The floor is spaced out in a way that allows the facilitator to get deep to the paint after using the screen. The defense will either have to trap the penetrator and give up the roll, or bring in wing help from elsewhere + giving up the three.

After completing Angle Down, you can begin PHAM-ily. it’s time for you to apply those plays to your arsenal and experience the wonderful game. but, Never using turbo smashing and zig-zagging in the game if you do not want to end the game quickly. Although it’s a Cooperative Games, you can be a single player in a several modes if you want.

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