Hope NBA 2K17 will give you a surprise

The following month, it went on to become best-selling video game in the US, next only to the Xbox One-exclusive “Halo 5: Guardians,” according to the report of the NPD Group, notes Gamespot. nba 2k17 mt You start off by selecting NBA 2k17 and then play two matches. While the presentation is done well – playing in a small high school gym – the games are boring and feature no announcers. After high school, you’re given the option to select one of nine colleges to attend. You then have to play four college games but while they feature authentic colleges, the games once again feel like a chore to play through.

Luckily, the high school games and college games are only eight minutes and 12 minutes long, respectively. Year after year, the NBA 2K series sets the bar as high for its game as any franchise—no matter the genre. The game was stacked with so many features last year, it felt like seven games in one. With NBA Live offering some semblance of competition, 2K Sports and developers Visual Concepts have added even more to this year’s title. After you’re drafted by an NBA team, you have eight games to play in the first season, each game is followed by a very long cutscene that goes along with Spike Lee’s story.

While the story isn’t bad, fans may be turned off by a rookie season with games that have no outcome on the story.  “‘NBA 2K17,’ the newest iteration of the top-rated video game simulation series for the last 15 years, will feature the most extensive soundtrack in ‘NBA 2K’ history with three genre-defining collaborators at the helm – legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier, renowned producer DJ Khaled, and super-producer DJ Mustard. nba 2k17 coins As one of the most successful entertainment properties of the last decade, ‘NBA 2K17’s’ partnership brings together their unique creative direction in curating more than 50 tracks and contributing a total of six new exclusive tracks to this year’s title.”

After you finish your rookie season, the Spike Lee story ends and you’re taken into year two of your career, this is where MyCareer really shines. Instead of just playing game after game after game. “NBA 2K’s” card-collecting mode is back once again with a few new changes. This year, 2K Sports added a new mode called The Gauntlet – a three-on-three blacktop game. The mode allows you to select one player from your list of collected players and then gives you two random players to use. You play through a series of 10 games, selecting one player each time.

Every time you win, you’re allowed to select a certain amount of MyTeam cards from a big board. Lose three times and you’re done. It’s a fun mode that is a welcomed change to the mode. The part about animation and smoother movement is interesting. NBA 2K17 was already 1080p and 60fps on both the Xbox One and PS4. NBA 2K17 is set to make the animation even more realistic than before. EA Sports has already confirmed NBA Live 16, so 2K Sports is always trying to one-up the competition.

It’s also not surprising to see that NBA 2K16 will see the return of the MyPlayer mode. This has been a huge mode in both NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K17. Hopefully with this year’s game, your save files are not attached to the online servers. The predecessor game of “NBA 2K17”, the “NBA 2K16,” was the top-selling video game in October 2014 so the current game experienced a one-rank slide this year. Rounding up the top five best-selling video games for October 2015 were “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate,” “Madden NFL 16,” and “WWE 2K17.”