FIFA 20 is Therefore Expected to be Released

New maps and events for FUT, finally updates for careers and pro clubs, completely new modes? The list of potential improvements and improvements for FIFA 20 is long, but nothing is certain yet. If you are you looking for more about FUT 20 Coins check out our website. The new face, which will be featured on the FIFA 20 game overcast, has yet to be decided. Like last year, we expect an announcement of the new commercial face for E3. FIFA 19 saw a huge overhaul of Career Modes presentation, but under the glossy shell very little had been changed. This years game offers the perfect opportunity to focus on this especially now The Journey has come to an end. Here’s what we would like to see.

New youth leagues, or even reserve leagues, would solve the problem. Your youngsters could compete over a season in simmed matches, giving them experience on the pitch. Plus, you’d be able to check out their stats and performances, which would be a natural way of measuring their progress and potential. Young players with bags of potential are awkward to handle in FIFA 19. A promising centre-mid with a 65 rating isn’t going to do well in your starting 11, so you might send them out on loan but you lose control over their development and playtime. You can keep players in your youth squad, too, but you can’t interact with them or give them minutes in matches that don’t matter.

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Its an important move that would see the games industry consider releases a 365-day live service, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson put it to Bloomberg. This is probably unlikely for now or at least it won’t be an all-out change. You may be able to opt in to this model but not everyone has high speed internet and will want to rely on a physical copy still. With so many gamers opting to download games instead of buying a physical copy, the fact many major games need huge patches anyway and that most fans buy the game every year, it’d make sense for FIFA 20 to be the first in a subscription system that ties gamers into an annual digital purchase.

We already know that this topic will not change much on the occasion of the FIFA 20 premiere, which has already been officially announced by EA Sports, but of course we know very little about it at the moment and the only thing we can do at the moment is the usual begging and wondering what the interesting professionals from the studio in Vancouver will come up with this time. After a deeper analysis, however, you have to say straight the pool of ideas is exhausted with each subsequent year and it is possible that the creators will have to reach for solutions used years ago or reliably remodel those fun modules that are already present in the game.

Already 1.1 million fans voted in the voting and with about 191,000 votes the Koreans of Tottenham Hotspur are currently just ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo with 190,000 and Messi with 184,000 votes (as of April 8). Sales for EA’s football behemoth have fallen 25 per cent year-on-year at retail on launch week. Simply put, more people are buying the game online.