FIFA 18 ,aquick guide to winning at FUT

It sounds simple but FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) mode is a wonderfully challenging game mode that requires plenty of thought – but it’s one that can provide a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Users are tasked with building a team by collecting player cards that can be bought online although it’s more cost-effective to do this by completing tasks or challenges.

Once you’ve got your team together you can compete online take part in challenges or play a series of offline events in order to earn more FIFA Coins.

Read on for our top five tips for playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Challenges can boost your FIFA Coins balance

It can be tempting to purchase FIFA Points to buy packs but if you’re prepared to do some hard graft you can win more coins by completing challenges.

It’s important to be selective with these as some will be beyond the difficulty level your team can manage.

Team of the Week and Story Mode are worth checking out with the latter allowing you to win FIFA Coins by following the exploits of rising Premier League star Alex Hunter.

Completing these challenges will help you win new packs new players and tonnes of coins.

Be selective with your star loanee

FUT rewards players who don’t just assemble a list of big names but possess good team chemistry also.

When picking the star player to bring in on loan at the beginning of your FUT journey make sure he will fit in with the rest of your squad.

A player like Gareth Bale has connections to the Premier League and La Liga creating lots of areas where he will gel with the rest of your players.

Choosing a top player just because he’s your favourite isn’t the route to success on FUT.

Did we mention team chemistry?

As with real-life football team chemistry is crucial when playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Your team will perform better if players are alongside others from the same league club or country.

Factors such as position played the manager and games for the club all help to determine the player and team chemistry.

Create an excellent chemistry and your team will flourish. Overlook this point and you’ll be on a hiding to nothing.

You can never stop learning

Do you think you know all there is to know about FUT? Think again.

The Champions Channel allows to study the world’s best players and see what they do. Follow what they do to boost your chances of success when you start to play.

The best managers constantly look for ways to improve their skills and the Champions Channel is an invaluable tool that can take your play onto the next level.

Don’t follow the rest of the pack

Many players will take over the club they support but building your own unique team and beating the best is one of the major joys of FUT.

Danny Rose once accused Tottenham Hotspur of signing too many players he had to look up on Google but imagine beating the top teams with players your opponents would need a search engine to find.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team rewards players who don’t do the obvious – so carry out your research and you’ll be on the road to success.

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