The file size has been revealed for PS4 version of NBA 2K17

The file size has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K17 MT. When viewed directly from the PS4, the product page showed that the basketball sim will take up 47.66 GB of free space on the internal hard disk drive of the console.

In addition to being available digitally, NBA 2K17 will also come in physical form. If you are interested, you can preorder the disc version of the latest NBA 2K installment with this link on Amazon.

The upcoming titles made several improvements to the MyGM and MyLeague modes. Furthermore, the MyCareer mode is also returning, featuring Hollywood talent such as Michael B. Jordan.

NBA 2K17 will be released on the 16th for September in the North American region. In addition to the PlayStation 4, the basketball videogame is also coming out for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the same day.

The PlayStation 4 units, including the Slim and Pro models, come pre-installed with either a 500 GB or 1 TB HDD. If you want even more free space for games like the aforementioned NBA 2K17, we recommend picking up the OWC DIY 2.0TB PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Bundle (you can do so with this page) as it comes with all the tools needed to do so.

As fans gear up for another season of virtual basketball with NBA 2K17’s impending release, 2K has provided a glimpse at the new commentary teams making their way into this year’s title.

As shown in the trailer below, while Kevin Harlan and Greg Anthony will still be calling the action on the court, the third spot will be filled by a rotating lineup of broadcasters. NBA 2K veteran Doris Burke will make her debut in the broadcast booth as one of those third members, alongside brand-new commentators Chris Webber, Steve Smith, and Brent Barry. Meanwhile, David Aldridge will take Doris Burke’s spot on the court as sideline reporter. Additionally, the rambunctious trio of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neil, and Kenny Smith will all make their return in 2K17 as studio hosts, but will also play a larger role within the game’s MyCareer mode, as the three will now interview the player’s customized superstar.

Those eager to return to the court can check out NBA 2K17’s “The Prelude” demo which released earlier today on PS4 and Xbox One, in advance of the game’s full release on those two platforms plus PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on September 20.

Pokemon Go’s International Rollout Paused as Servers Suffer Issues

Business Insider reports that Pokemon Go’s international rollout to countries like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands has been paused. Niantic CEO John Hanke told them that it’s “hard at work on a fix” and the rollout will be “paused until it’s comfortable.” While the United States has been able to download Pokemon Go, it’s still unavailable in Canada.

Perhaps as a result of its tremendous popularity, Pokemon Go players have been encountering serious server issues. After staying mostly silent since its launch in the United States this week, its developer has now spoken out about the problems.

“Thank you for your patience,” a tweet from the official Pokemon Go account states. “We have been working to fix the server issues.” These issues have manifested themselves in a number of ways. Many are unable to log into the game, while others can do so but run into trouble when actually trying to catch Pokemon. The tweet goes on to promise the game’s rollout will continue in “new countries soon.” It’s possible the game’s release in countries like Canada has been held up while developer Niantic attempts to address the server issues.

The problems come as something of a surprise considering the game has been in testing in various markets around the world for months. But Go has proven to be extremely popular, rising to the top of the iOS charts. Nintendo’s stock price has risen in the wake of the game’s release, although it’s actually The Pokemon Company (of which Nintendo is a co-owner) and Niantic that are responsible for its development.

Police and state officials have warned players about paying attention to their surroundings while playing, and in a bizarre story, a young woman may have discovered a dead body as a result of the game. For more on Pokemon Go, check out our roundup of everything you need to know.

How popular Pokemon Go it is

It is quite possibly the biggest gaming phenomenon of the smartphone age – but is Pokemon Go’s popularity dwindling? Since the augmented-reality app launched in July, Pokemon Go has swept up gamers in a craze of monster-catching across the world.

Just a week after its release in the US, Apple said the game had broken the App Store record for most downloads in a week. Gamers chasing down the likes of Pikachu and Snorlax have filled public spaces – such as New York’s Central Park – with congregations of people wandering about with phones in hand.

But now, a month since Pokemon Go’s release, independent analysis suggests its popularity has plummeted. Some churn was only to be expected – the huge publicity it generated was always going to have attracted players who would briefly try it out and then set it aside.

However, the drop-off occurred during a period when the app was launching across much of Asia and Latin America as well as France. No official figures on Pokemon Go’s downloads have been made public, but according to data compiled by Axiom Capital Management, more than 10 million players have turned away since mid-July.

Pokemon Go’s Daily Active Users (DAUs) – an industry metric that determines how many people switch on an app each day – suggested that the game edged close to 45 million users on 17 July. By 16 August, that figure fell to just above 30 million. This would imply that Pokemon Go has lost more than 10 million daily active users in a month, which equates to nearly a quarter of its DAUs.

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What’s the right development direction of Pokemon Go?

Augmented reality games have been in development for the last 15 years. Now it has achieved a great success– Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which blurs the boundaries between virtual space and real space. Fast forward and the global hit Pokémon Go hits the “transmedia” sweet spot perfectly: a license that combines 90s game nostalgia, Japanese color palettes, full spectrum imagination and friendly competitiveness. More and more people download Pokemon Go and be addicted in it. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the entries in the Pokédex and many people addicted in it.

At the moment, Pokémon Go is a very single-player-focused experience. Buy Pokemon Go Account Collect, wander, leave Pokémon in gyms, look through inventory. Games really start to leave footprints on a soul once a person-to-person experience is felt. But to keep Pokémon performing at solar levels, there are number of things the developers will need to focus on, including upping the person-to-person experience. The game focuses on some core mechanics often overlooked by western developers – collecting, sorting, cataloging – allowing players to learn complex rules and mechanics driven through the discovery of a brand new world.

World-building, 18 races of Pokémon, multiple ways to evolve creatures, multiple in-game currencies and running in countries around the world. Trading, sharing and battling Pokémon between players is going to be key to the next wave of success. Complementing the discovery of Pokémon will be in-the-moment trials and tribulations of connecting with people: in cafes, at the bar, at work, and – the game launched just in time for summer holidays and long walks – in the schoolyard.

These more in-person connections will demand in-game communication, such as chats, likes, pokes, seeing another person’s profile and person-to-person communication. Pokemon Go Account For Sale Once there’s interaction, then we’ll have clans, clubs, and teams, which will lead to leaderboards, competition and collaboration. And as developers get better at layering objects, people and information on to the physical world, they need to build mechanics that are interesting and engaging.

And what if Niantic Labs makes the physical world shine brighter in the game? Rather than focus on the virtual rewards and the virtual interactions, what if the company starts to drive players to discover new places? What if it is the kids who discover the routes we take home in the car, via the local Poké gym, instead of the adults using Waze or Google Maps? Cheap Pokemon Go Account Commercially, the scene looks ready to include some form of advertising, whether attached to Pokéstops or connected to points of interest.

It is only a matter of time before we see McDonald’s Gyms or Pepsi Stadiums. Generation Z may ignore these – they’re already used to skipping ads and avoiding in-game promotions, and they are generally immune to display ads. But will the pausing of the Pokémon game to watch a mini-game push these players away, or drive advertisers into new spaces? Choosing a route could become less about the quickest way home, and instead about a local Lickitung nest. Will Pokémon fuel our imaginary worlds, or become another graveyard of advertising?

People spending more time on their smartphones responding to Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO is a game hunt for Pokémon in various places in real life and use their smartphones to capture Pokémon. You can train Pokémon as a trainer and use them in the battle. The game fuse virtual space and real space together. Except you can catch Pokémon by your phone, and there are Pokéstops ang gym placed in various real-life locations. Pokéstops is for obtaining items and gyms if for competition. It’s so popular that you can see adults and young staring at their phone for catching Pokémon in the street. Pokémon GO has been credited with helping normally sedentary people get out of the house and exercise. It has also helped shy people improve their social skills, as complete strangers collaborated to find and capture the rarer Pokémon in the area.

In the last few weeks, you may have seen your employees or teammates walking outside the office swiping their smartphones. They have a newfound interest in going to parks. And when they talk, they use unfamiliar words like Pikachu, Snorlax, and Pokéstops. If this sounds familiar, then your employees are into Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO is really funny but it has the potential to be a distraction at work. Pokémon GO is different from other online games like Candy Crush because employees may have to leave the office to play.

This is not a problem if your firm is located in a rural area or near residences with little to no Gyms and Pokéstops. In these areas, Pokémon only appear a few times during the day, and the ones that do appear are the common rats, snakes and pigeons that nobody wants after a day or two. Pokémon Go Account But if your firm happens to be located near a popular Pokéstop or a park that spawns rare Pokémon, you may find that your employees may be spending more time on their smartphones responding to Pokémon spawns rather than client emails.

The good news is that the Pokémon GO phenomenon is beginning to die down. In my opinion, most professionals will quickly lose interest in the game because of its repetitiveness and the massive time, money and walking commitment required to catch all of the rare Pokémon. Also, the game seems to crash frequently, which has been a major source of irritation. Finally, Niantic has recently made changes to the game that make it more difficult for players to find and capture Pokemon. Players have expressed their butthurt over social media, saying that they don’t want to spend hours or days searching for a single Pokémon.

You can try to convince the Pokémon trainer in your office to get bored of the game on his own. But I think most employers should not worry about Pokémon GO polluting their employees’ work ethic. Pokemon Go Account For Sale The game isn’t that great and will get boring fairly quickly to everyone but the most hardcore players. And most professionals will put their work duties first. But for those who may be taking the game more seriously than they should, it is generally better to get them to quit the game on their own.



Runescape game follows the now familiar free-to-play model

The Runescape game follows the buy rs gold now familiar free-to-play model, allowing you to buy packs for real money and with currency earned through normal play. A few years ago, the island mysteriously vanished and Myrtle from the Wizards’ Tower is keen to find out why. In Beneath Cursed Tides, you’ll be searching for survivors and working with Vannaka, journeying to the bottom of the sea to investigate the islands[sic] watery fate.

It’s just two weeks until we officially throw open the doors to Chronicle’s Hall of Legends on 26th May, and its launch on Steam is only the beginning for what we have planned. We’ve already introduced brand new cards every week, increased rewards, balancing improvements, and there’s even more content planned for the months to come,” said James Sweatman, lead designer on Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. A dark tale awaits. Expect a journey full of teary nostalgia and classic humour.

There are also cosmetic items, like card backs, available to purchase. RuneScape Legends is now available on Steam for PC, bringing with it a new action-packed generation of online strategy card games. A Runescape unique twist on the genre, Chronicle is coming to the CCG party a little late and a superficial look might make potential players dismiss it as another Hearthstone wannabe. To be fair, though, RuneScape was a player in the MMO years before Blizzard arrived on the scene.

Delving into it a little deeper reveals some intriguing hooks at least in term of mechanics and game play. At this early stage, and minus the single player experience, the lore and characters — or the cards themselves — don’t seem hugely distinctive from those of a half dozen other fantasy card games despite their storied lineage. Despite these reservations, Chronicle‘s deviations from the CCG norm and its ties to RuneScape might give it some real traction when finally released.

Runescape Chronicle combines tactical PvE with strategic PvP gameplay, to see players fighting against their own cards as well as their opponents, and crafting adventures in a quest for supremacy over their rivals. Having spent the last six months in beta, Chronicle’s full Steam launch brings with it new ranked sessions. The Runescape game features a unique way to play, where you must fight monsters that you place yourself on the board from your deck. There are five different heroes, called Legends, to choose from, and in the next few months, a new Legend will be introduced named Morvran.

At this stage of development, the single player campaign is not yet in place. There are practice matches against generally capable AI, online matches against other humans, and not all of the Legends or hundreds of different cards are yet available. The developers are making daily changes in crafting — players collect tokens during matches that allow them to craft special Legend-specific cards — the size of decks, and balancing, rs 07 gold not to mention minor tweaks in the interface or the way cards are manipulated.

As the sequence of cards turn – one-by-one – the quest unfolds, with each card bringing a new challenge or reward. The rival Runescape Legend’s chain of cards plays out in parallel and can help or, more likely, hinder the player. If both players make it to the end of the fifth chapter, the Legends do battle against each other, with the victor being the last person standing. The Runescape game has over 400 cards and multiple modes, including both a casual and ranked season mode, meaning you can play the game as competitively as you like.

Runescape Games has a knack for delivering high-octane

Runescape Games has a knack for delivering high-octane, adrenaline-pumping action games. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bayonetta and Vanquish are just a few exceptional titles that the Japanese studio has produced, and that’s not even including its incredible reimagining of cheap rs gold old school cartoons that have barely had a great game attached to them in years. Last year’s Transformers: Devastation was a love letter to the ’80s Generation One line of Autobots and Decepticons, with full-on authentic voice acting from the original cast, dynamic third-person hack ‘n’ slash action and plenty of nostalgic vibes pulsing through the game.

This year, we’ll be kicking Foot Clan butt in the studio’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, another third-person action adventure that harks back to the classic SNES and arcade titles, like Turtles in Time, only dialed up to 11. The studio expressed its happiness with their game’s launch performance, and when they compared it with the original Borderlands’ release numbers, Battleborn was actually “tracking just ahead of where Borderlands was on the sales,” creative director Randy Varnell said on Twitch.

Today’s Runescape giveaway is a little different than what you might be used to seeing here at MMO Fallout. Each key is universal and can only be applied once to an account, so for the sake of not letting keys go to waste with people ignoring this to grab doubles, the giveaway is IP locked. You can’t apply more than one key to your account, even if you play more than one game on the list, it won’t work. The keys are good until May 31st, so if you’re having some trouble deciding which game to use yours on, you have some time.

We do a lot of comparisons back to the first Borderlands back in 2009. That launch felt similar to us. Ultimately Borderlands was extremely successful new game for us. Borderlands 1 went on to sell almost 8m units in its lifetime. Battleborn is actually tracking just ahead of where Borderlands was on the sales. We think it’s going to be a game that works like that – a decent, Divergence Online is an upcoming hardcore sandbox Runescape MMO by developer Stained Glass Llama, dubbed a spiritual successor to pre-CU Galaxies and set to hit Steam as soon as Valve hits the launch button.

Its closure prompted widespread calls for Blizzard to reconsider its position on “legacy servers,” whether fan-produced or official, which run an older version of the game. Apart from being a service to veteran players, it also helps preserve the history of something that is, by its nature, ephemeral. Some games like Runescape actually run official legacy servers already, so making a request to Blizzard to do the same does not, from the outside, seem like an unreasonable position for a fan to take at all.

Runescape game hopes to bring Runescape back to the glory days of runescape gold sandbox games, one that predates Youtubers and streamers using their alleged popularity in order to bully developers into giving them free stuff. In a recent blog post, Ethan Casner makes an ultimatum against what he calls ‘Runescape Gaming Yelp Reviewers:’ No Runescape game keys will be given to people offering good reviews in exchange. Solid launch and we’re seeing steady and growing user counts on all three platforms and we’re hoping that word of mouth is going to take us even further.

Create a clicker game based on the world and lore of RuneScape

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is an intriguing fusion of genres being developed by Jagex Games Studio (creators of RuneScape) and Hyper Hippo (Creators of AdVenture Capitalist) that looks set to offer a miniature idle clicker RPG experience where players can complete a RuneScape themed adventure in just a few moments every day. A decade ago I was a short kid from a small town who spent much buy rs gold of his spare time playing videogames.

A decade ago, one of the games that I – and many of my friends – were sinking hours into was the browser MMORPG-lite called Runescape. This was my first (and until much later, only) foray into the realms of massively multiplayer and online, and was a great tool for building and strengthening social connections. You know those moments when you are dying to get your RuneScape fix but you aren’t anywhere near your computer? When you just need to breathe in the world of Gielinor for a bit but you simply can’t log in for very long? Jagex understands, and there’s a solution on its way: RuneScape will soon join the world of idle gaming.

The studio has partnered with Hyper Hippo, the creator of AdVenture Capitalist, to create a clicker game based on the world and lore of RuneScape. This new game is set to launch for the PC on Steam first this spring but will follow on mobile soon after. And yet, despite Runescape featuring fairly prominently during some of my most significant formative years, its true impact didn’t come until many years after I stopped playing. A new video and more information on Spiders Studio’s cyberpunk RPG The Technomancer has landed.

The video gives you a look at gameplay, character customization rs 07 gold options for Zachariah, and the four different skill trees which focus on three fighting styles players can choose and upgrade through progression. Posting to RuneScape’s fans, Jagex wrote that the company is “getting attention from the East and the biggest market in the world, China, is knocking on our door. Jagex’s shareholders have received offers of interest and have responded positively to an approach from a Chinese company.

Jagex is in early stage discussions with the firm in question, but we must stress that they may – or may not – materialise into anything. However, should they come to fruition, it would potentially allow us access to the Asian marketplace to a high level. Viewers also learn about fighting styles, and how changing stances in the middle of a fight can provide an advantage. Throughout the game, players will visit various locations on Mars, and learn about some of the cultures separated from Earth.

Understanding how Runescape can have any kind of impact – let alone one of significance – first requires some background knowledge. Looking to buy 07 gold? You want the lowest prices and the fastest delivery to get back to playing Runescape. You’re in the right place, because Bogla Gold is the top seller of cheap Runescape 2007 gold. We buy and sell more Rs07 than any other gold shop in the world. If you buy with us you’ll find out why!

An brand new engine and client released as part of Runescape

RuneScape has bid adieu to Java after 15 years and relaunched today looking spiffier than ever. The earliest version of the game looked rather like a fantasy-themed version of The Sims. Characters were viewed from a divine camera, looking down on the action from an isometric perspective. RuneScape takes place in the world of Gielinor, where gods roam among men. I consider any version of Runescape which isn’t shaded strictly in primary colours to be witchcraft. The news that Runescape now has a standalone client, another round of graphical improvements and is moving away from Java is rank heresy.

From today, anybody can download and play Runescape NXT, an all-new engine and client released as part of Runescape’s 15th anniversary. The view distance has been quadrupled, dynamic lighting and shadows have arrived, as has real-time reflection, refraction, ambient occlusion and physically correct light scattering. They’re the basics of your average PC game, but in Runescape? I’m not ready for this futuristic world. This multi-platform game will deliver a miniature RPG experience unlike any other, one that enables players to enjoy buy rs gold a RuneScape-themed adventure in just a few moments each day – anywhere, anytime.

Now in development at Hyper Hippo’s 25-strong studio in British Columbia, Canada, RuneScape: Idle Adventures is due to arrive this spring on Steam with mobile editions to follow. RuneScape: Idle Adventures marks the first time Jagex has worked with an external development partner to produce a new RuneScape-themed title. RuneScape, the popular and free MMORPG browser game, will soon be getting some new games to expand its property. Jagex Games Studio, the creator of RuneScape, has revealed today that it has partnered with Hyper Hippo, the creator of AdVenture Capitalist, to help develop RuneScape: Idle Adventures.

Soon old and new fans will be able to visit the world of RuneScape anytime and anywhere either on the PC or mobile device. In development for over two years, the game has been given a total graphical overhaul and technical improvements have been made. These include but aren’t limited to: DirectX 12 and Windows 10 support, extended draw distances, all-new water effects and full dynamic lighting and shadow.

If you’re not familiar with idle adventure games, these are games that you can play for just a couple of minutes each day, allowing you to slowly build up your empire, world or etc. rs 07 gold The game eschews a linear storyline, allowing players to set their own goals and objectives. Now in its third iteration (the basic game was superseded by a new version in both 2004 and 2013, each of which upgraded its graphics and overhauled the underlying code base), RuneScape has reached an enviable milestone in the fickle world of MMOs: 15 years old.

The idea is that it takes place in the world of Gielinor, and you control a mystic artifact known as the Needle, which you use to interact with the world and likely do a lot of tapping and/or clicking to progress further. The game will be a light-hearted take on the lore of RuneScape, though plenty of familiar locations, events, and lore are to pop up while you play. Jagex Games Studio has revamped the MMO using its new proprietary visual engine and game client NXT. This means instead of playing in a browser, the game is now a standard download.

2K are looking to further expand their esports ventures for NBA 2K17

Almost every one of NBA 2K17’s features is done well. MyTEAM has some welcome additions to its structure and options. The new team customization tool is a big boon for the mode. With full control over the logo, uniform and arena design, you can finally make your team feel like your own. At the heart of LIVE Pro-Am is you. Use your created player across LIVE Run, Summer Circuit and the Rising Star career mode. Playing games in any of these modes will earn you SP (Skill Points) to upgrade your skills using our new progression system and RP (Reward Points) to purchase authentic gear in the LIVE Spot store.

Customize your player from head to toe with the latest kicks and gear from leading apparel brands including Jordan, or get some ink from world-renowned tattooist Randy Harris. buy nba 2k17 mt NBA Live 16 also introduces a new companion mobile app featuring GameFaceHD, the exclusive mobile scanning tech which can be used to quickly and easily scan your face and upload it into the game. You can use that same customization tool in MyGM and MyLEAGUE to relocate franchises. If you want to move the Chicago Bulls and completely redesign their brand, you can do that. Once you’ve chosen a city, the game will automatically realign the NBA to make the teams fit geographically.

No other sports video game has ever allowed so much input on the creation of a team within a franchise mode setting. As detailed by Hot New Hip Hop, the tournament series will start on Feb. 15 in North America and will be ongoing until May 8. There will be a total of 16 qualifying events that will be used to evaluate the final 16 people who can have the chance to win the prize money. And since the 16 qualifying events are all going to be done online, it’s assured that there will be no sort of “regional favoritism” that will happen. In order to qualify, the participants must win at least four games which will be scored based on the team’s performance. Ranking will then be done on an even leaderboard. The one who will have the top score of each qualifying event day will be the winner and will advance to the tournament.

Here are two inconvertible, gameplay-specific facts about this year’s version of MyCareer: you start your NBA life as one of the worst players in the league, and it’s harder than ever to reach the game’s elite. In a vacuum, there’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, as a long-time player, the changes are welcome. If you want to score and improve as a player, you have to play smart and pay attention to the game’s mechanics: you can’t just bust a spin move and a crossover for a layup over opponents who are faster, stronger, nba 2k17 mt coins and smarter than you anymore. You have to run the pick and roll and the game’s set plays.

You have to accept a smaller role at the start of your career and defer to your superior teammates. Anthony davis nba 2k17. Those who are interested must take note that they will be using their own custom players instead of the existing NBA stars. On May 21, the top 16 teams will then go up against each other in a single elimination tournament. The reigning winners will then compete for the prize money which will be during the NBA Finals in June. Unfortunately, the competition is only open to North American and Canadian residents, although those living in a handful of US states (as well as Quebec) will also miss out.

But the wording of the announcement indicates that 2K are looking to further expand their esports ventures for NBA 2K17 and beyond, and it’ll be interesting to see if they make some kind of global push in the months to come. It’s also interesting to see more companies start to unveil what you could call their esports strategy. Despite the inherent competitive nature of the game, the NBA 2K series isn’t the most natural fit for video game tournaments. But publishers are increasingly wanting to take advantage of the esports audience, so expect to see more announcements of this ilk with other IPs down the road.