Bladebound is a hack ‘n slash RPG completely developed for the touch interface

Game developers Arftifex Mundi aren’t known for putting out action RPGs – they’re more comfortable in the mystery adventure genre, and in that they’ve done a number of good ones. But surprisingly, Bladebound is an enjoyable RPG, pointing back to original hack ‘n slash hits such as Diablo and Torchlight on PC.

Bladebound is a hack ‘n slash RPG completely developed for the touch interface. In that sense, you will not find your usual onscreen D-pad here – everything is touch-based, and you move your character through tapping and go through battles using gestures and onscreen skill buttons. You might not like this interface, but we assure you that Bladebound will not irritate you this way.

Bladebound is a fairly typical hack and slash gameplay wise, but the pacing is something entirely different – it is intensely fast and quick flowing, though not at all overwhelming. Enemies are frequently appearing or jumping out of the sky to be swung at, but the interesting thing is that it’s never particularly frustrating. You can destroy most individual enemies with a single hit, leaving the slightly larger ones needing a little bit more smacking to finally put down.This excellent pacing keeps the gameplay constantly enjoyable, making Bladebound a game that never stops being exciting. Buy cheap Bladebound Gems via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Another surprising element of Bladebound is the cinematics that progresses the story. They are remarkably detailed and attractive considering the limited budget and physics of an isometric 3d action game.

The polygons might look a little dated in some points, but the depth and complexity of the animations, as well as the decent enough dialogue and story, leave the player frankly in awe of how far we’ve come in the game development world.