Black Desert Online will be getting a brand new region

Black Desert — Drive mile upon mile through California’s Mojave Desert, and you still can see the unspoiled vistas of one of the largest intact ecosystems in the continental United States. Knowledge is essentially what your character knows about the world around them, and spans a broad spectrum of the game. It includes things like details about the world itself, information of the NPCs who inhabit it, or in-depth information on enemies. Gathering knowledge is something that’ll happen naturally while you play, black desert daum cash account but it’s also important to be constantly aware of the knowledge system and pursue more of it from early on – even though the game doesn’t necessarily surface how important it will later become early on in the game.

Along Black Desert the same empty valleys and distant mountains that Oklahoma farmers escaping the Dust Bowl saw in their migration west. In the vast swathes of scrub land, scientists are finding new plant species at a rate rivaling that in the Amazon. Ancient creosote bushes, like one 11,700 years old that miraculously survived in an off-road vehicle playground, live here in soils scientists only now realize are one of the planet’s great carbon sinks. Black Desert Online will be getting a brand new region called Mediah on March 30, which has been shown off by Daum Games in a trailer.

The one issue I did encounter while playing, is the in-game cash shop. No surprises there from the guy who constantly rants about microtransactions, eh? A lot of the nice looking armour has been designated to this shop instead of being placed in the game as craftable or for purchase. While your armour does change throughout the game, there’s very little difference between your starting gear and it’s looks at much later levels. The same goes for dyes, not seeing one drop from monsters or being craftable, leaves you browsing the store again, black desert daum cash trying to inject a bit of individuality into a world full of green clad rangers and wondering whether Daum cash is worth the trade-off for the contents of your wallet.

The free expansion will increase the world map by approximately 30%, and will feature a massive amount of potential quests for you to embark on. For the players who are heavily invested in the new MMO, there will be a boss that is massive enough to be able to fight a large amount of people at once. You can see some of the expansion being shown off in the trailer below. The freedom to navigate the map is important for reasons beyond witnessing a wide horizon. Several gameplay mechanics are tied to the ability to leisurely comb its vast reaches. For example, fast travel – the ability to teleport to objectives or locations – does not exist.

All exploration is done in real time, either by foot, mount, or boat (characters can be set on auto-pilot to a waypoint). There are other layers of realism, as well. Mounts are physical creatures that can’t instantly be summoned. If you leave your horse in Veila, that’s where it will remain until released from their stables. Abandon it on the side of the road and it can get attacked and killed by wandering enemies. Likewise, money and items, all of which have weight, are only available at that their deposited location. Those restrictions, as daunting as they may sound, give meaning to a world so expansive.